Styled: royal blue + stripes


Because who wouldn’t want to look like a referee?! I actually love this top, I made it, but its not always the easiest to wear. Unfortunately. But I made it work with black skinnies, my Sam Edelman boots in “English saddle” and my royal blue wool coat that I have been wearing nonstop.


I also have on a cream sweater for added warmth. Which was much needed for that day!


Here is the outfit without the royal blue. I think the royal blue makes the outfit! But its still cute!

• Don’t be fooled into thinking vertical stripes are the only way to go when wearing stripes to make you look thinner. Its not, horizontal striping can actually offer you a thinner appearance, just choose no bigger than 1/2″ striping. And if you do go bigger, make sure you have on a statement necklace, belt or half tucking going on to define your waist.

Hope you enjoyed. – Ryn


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