Etsy Find Friday: Bejeweled Beanie

I’m so hoping that it turns cold again in Texas soon, so I can sport this hat! It’s cute! I love the jewels on it, its chic for winter weather. and it literally cost me $5.37 to make. And it looks like I paid j.crew prices! And its super easy to do! Are you ready? Sure you are!

Here’s what to gather:
Embroidery floss; in contrasting color or the same color as your beanie)
Jewels (I bought mine from Hobby Lobby, plus they were on sale!)
Beanie ( I’ve had this beanie for forever!)


1. Thread your needle with all six strands of floss. And double knot the end of floss.


2. Start on the inside of the beanie, go through to the outside of the beanie and attach a jewel. There will be 2 holes on each side of the jewel. Make sure to sew each side.


(Like so)

3. Do this as many times on the front of the beanie until you’re ready to tie off. (Try not to add order to your beads, it looks better to randomly attach beads to the front.)


(I added just a few more jewels to the hat, after I took this.)

4. You’ll then tie it off on the inside. Double tie it off.


(It looks like the constellation inside the hat)


(Pearls + royal blue gems)

5. Enjoy! Hopefully, it’s cold enough to wear beanies still!

Thanks for reading, liking & commenting! Love y’all! – Ryn


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