Style Find: KS earring dupe

I found the best dupe for the Kate Spade earrings that you & I both love! If you’re weary of dishing out the $38, have no fear, I just spent $8 on a pair that looks JUST like them!


I was in old navy looking for pants when I “stumbled” in the jewelry section. I was looking at the jewelry carousel, when I spotted these beauties. I was shocked that they looked so similar to the those of the Kate Spade pair. They were marked $9.95, but they had 20% off of select jewelry, which it turn made them $8.00!!! Which I knew I was going to get them anyway, but I was thankful for the discount.


If you are someone who doesn’t really care about name brands, and you’re okay with them not being in a Kate Spade box, then these are for you! They are great everyday earrings, I’ve worn them a couple times and I like them a lot!

Now, I will tell you this, they don’t have them online. I wish they did. But they do not. The only have them in store. And they have, I believe, 6-8 colors.

The only difference is that the Kat Spade ones are 12k-gold plate/resin/14k gold–filled post.

Where as the Old navy One’s are gold plated/resin or glass/nickel I would say.
• If you do have sensitive ears, you can always put clear nail polish on the posts, let dry and wear until it wears off and then reapply when needed.

Both pair measures out to be 1/2″.

I’d say a pretty accurate dupe! Wahoo!

And just in time for Valentine’s Day! You could gift these to some of your gal friends! Perfect!

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