Styled: Cute/Grungy Outfit


This is probably my “everyday” outfit, if I had one. Of course, I change up my look every time I leave the house. But this definitely is a comfortable outfit. Cute grungy too.

I love plaid, I love t-shirts, I love boyfriend jeans, I love ankle boots. Roll them all into one outfit, And you’ve got one great outfit!

• One thing I’ll mention is, if I had scrunched the tee over my abdomen in this picture, my outfit would have looked a bit better. When you add texture to a problematic area on your body, it seems to camouflage & thin out that area.
So, make sure to scrunch. 😆 😉

• Also, plaid shirts are great for throw on lightweight jackets. Perfect for 65°-70° weather.

Hope you enjoy!

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