Etsy Find Friday: FluxGlass

Deer Mirror | $580

Can we say incredible? So I was scrolling through my feed on Etsy and those that I follow and I found Fluxglass. Gorgeous, incredible work. Who doesn’t love a good mirror?

When I was younger, when I would cry I would always look in the mirror. I guess to make sure I was crying enough! To gain sympathy from my parents…Never happened! ; )

I usually shop at highstreet stores for mirrors, which is fine, but I’ve never seen remotely the high quality and shapes that I do with Fluxglass.

If you need a statement piece for home, I suggest one of Dennis’ pieces. They’re amazing.

Here are a few of my favorites:


Horse mirror | $82


Oval scalloped mirror | $60


Succulent flower wall mirror | $340


Texas mirror | $145


Coffee mug mirror | $42


Ribbon banner mirror | $92


Shield mirror | $54


Cameo Bust mirror | $60


Bird mirrors | $80

Y’all, I’m just so impressed. He has some gorgeous work. I would be thrilled to hang one of these in my nest! So so good! Work of art. Just take a gander at his work: Fluxglass

Thanks for reading! – Ryn


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