Styled: Spot Chic


(I wish my topknot was in a higher seated position on the top of my head…whoops)

Cardigan: Gap; similar | Dot shirt: Self-Made | pants: Walmart | boots: Sam Edelman | Watch: Michelle; similar | Necklace: MaudeC; similar | Ring: Le Cubicule

I loooooooooooove this outfit! I feel so cute/chic in it. It is comfortable. And those pants make my thighs look thinner! I say that’s something to rejoice about! You might be shocked when I tell you where I bought these pants; Walmart! I bought them at Walmart! And they are amazing! They are rayon/nylon/lycra leggings. Super thick, forgiving material. It has faux leather tuxedo stripes down the sides of the pant. I can’t say enough about how great these pants actually are. The only Con, is the elastic in the waist. It folds now and again and its kinda thin. But overall, best $5 I’ve ever spent!  I hope they make more pants like these.

• when wearing a black + white outfit, there is no reason why you can’t wear brown shoes. You can actually wear brown with black. It gives off a a luxe look. Go for a saddle brown or chestnut instead of deep dark brown.

• when wearing shirts, make sure the hem doesn’t stop at you thickest part of you. Even if the the hem is an inch below, it will elongate you, making your legs appear much thinner, and much longer. Instead of adding unwanted girth and you will appear shorter, slightly frumpy if you will. The hemline can stop above or below that part.
( My girth is around my hips, so even if it was an inch higher or lower, it would still compliment my figure. Instead of the alternative to that. )


• you can also add length by adding a longer necklace, this necklace is 36″ in length. When pairing a longer necklace with an outfit, it gives length. You’re creating a very nice, sharp V. Making a visual of long and lean.

Whelp. I must say, I really enjoy doing these ootw and giving you my knowledge. It’s so much fun! Let me know if you’re enjoying it too!

P.s. tomorrow is my birthdayyyy! Whoohoo!

– Ryn


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