Foodie fyle: chocolate poppycorn


(Heavy coverage)

Its almost Valentine’s day!!! I don’t know about you, but I love love looooove V-day. I like all of the chocolate, the love that goes around, the red + pink scene. I just really like it!

This is for the dating couple, married couple, the single; part of one, and those that have small children and want to stay in. Or you’re throwing a party, say V-day themed party or a Galentines party. Perfect for individual sized portions.  (This is also an all year snack!)

And don’t think you can’t celebrate, because you’re single. I’m sure you have friends, relatives, a church that you can celebrate with, Whatever. Plus, you have yourself! What’s better than loving yourself, well loving others, but that’s besides the point right now! You should stay in, rent a movie, and enjoy! Don’t forget the popcorn!

I have for you today I have a fairly easy recipe of chocolate poppycorn. (Its my blog, I can call it what I want. ;))


What to gather:
Popcorn (kernels or plain microwave popcorn)
2 Tbs Hot cocoa mix
2 Tbs butter/coconut oil
Salt (optional)


(Light coverage)

Step 1. Pop some popcorn. Either by microwave, stove top or popcorn maker. I chose the latter. Add the popcorn to a bowl.
Step 2. Melt butter/coconut oil. On stove or in microwave. I chose the former.
Step 3. Pour butter on top of the popcorn.
Step 4. add dry hot cocoa mix.
Step 5. Use tongs to mix it up. Add more to add more chocolate.


For added valentiney flare, use a heart shaped bowl (a red or pink bowl, will work just as well!) and add some mini red + pink colored m&ms to it(or mini chocolate chips). And you have got yourself the most loved snack to munch on.

Enjoy! -Ryn


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