Styled: cargo kitty

Oh man, did I feel cute or what?!
I feel as if, when you have a cute outfit on, you have a great pep in your step! You feel more confident, like all is right in the world.

I could not, for the life of me find something semi dressy for church. There was nothing that stood out to me. And thankfully, my church is pretty laid back, so I could get away with this look and still fit in… Hallelujah!


Military jacket: Nordstrom Rack | Kitty shirt: DIY | leggings: Walmart | boots: Sam edelman | Jewelry: MaudeC, allthewire, vintage. | rings: Etsy, le cubicule + Vera Wang.

Plus, bonus factor, it was comfortable! And covered my hiney. Whoo! And I loved that nothing matched… Other than my nails + lips! And even those were a shade off…

• when wearing boxy/billowy items up top, when you’re already well endowed, make sure you have things that skim your body on the bottom half of you. (It helps to half tuck, but its tricky when wearing leggings to do so.) Such as leggings, slim-leg slacks, pencil skirts, etc. If you pair boxy with boxy, as in wide leg pants, you just look larger than you would want to look. So, by choosing slimmer items on the bottom half, you’re defining that you are not a box and you actually have legs and shape. Making you look longer + leaner. And giving proportions to your body. Defining that you actually do have legs.

Hope y’all had a great V-day & Sunday! I will be back tomorrow showing you what I got my birthday! 😘 -Ryn


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