Lifestyle Fyle: My birthday gifts


*Disclaimer: I’m super thankful for everything I have received! and I’m not trying to rub your nose into what I got for my birthday. If anything, I want to inspire y’all. and show you what you could put on your own birthday list! I had a great day. I loved everything I received. It’s all great!

What I did on my actual birthday, I went with my mom to down south to university village, where they have an anthropologie, Madewell, j.crew, gap,  pottery barn, Sephora and a free people. Basically, anything you may want!
Of course I went in all of those places, plus we had a pit stop at Woodshed Smokehouse for some chocolate meringue pie & ice tea. A yummy stop!
And then later we dined at Macaroni Grill, in sheer of not wanting to make a decision. But surprisingly, it was really good. I had create your own pasta dish.
Then on Wednesday, the 11th, I had all my family over, so that my nephew could come. And we had Pei Wei take out, cake and presents. What’s better than that?!

And then on Sunday, I’ll be having a birthday brunch, which I’m super excited about!! Hanging out with my girls! Eeep!

So here is what I received!


• Isn’t this Boston terrier the CUTEST?! I love it so so much! My sister, B-I-L & niece got this for me. They added money to it too. (Which, I’ve never had ‘rainy day money’ in a cookie jar before. But I’m guessing, I may use it before it’s a rainy day… Just sayin!)


• This candle was adorable. I bought it on the day of my birthday. I first saw it on essiebutton’s YouTube channel. And thought it was super cute. Then saw I saw it at anthropologie and had to get it. The smell is amazing in itself, as mistletoe martini, but the ceramic box is just as adorable. And I will use after the candle burns out for jewelry or prized possessions.


Next, we have gifts from my sister Dyanna, B-I-L, and nephew.


That’s alot of gold…and I love it! And its all office supplies!!! Which will look great in my studio, when I redo it!
• Threshold metal file holder + paper organizer
• Nate Berkus gold stapler
• Nate Berkus giant paper clips
• Nate Berkus Weiner dog tape Despenser!!
• Nate Berkus metallic file folders
Pencil by Fiftythree. Made for Paper app. Which is an amazing app and stylus. Right now, it is only available to Apple users, but I’m hoping they will open it up to android too! Praying really!

From my parents:


Its not just workout gear… It’s CUTE workout gear!
• Two pair of Mossimo workout pants.
• Two champion sports bras in an orchid color & a hot pink.


• Hot tools 1 1/2″ curling iron in purple & black.
Fashionary women’s edition notebook
• Keihl’s Musk perfume (my fave)
• Good Hyouman “Family over everything” tee. (Not shown)
• Koco eye shadows in
Clockwise: Bionic(dark grey) Foxy(copper) Goddess(olive green) Muse(taupe/greige)
(They are all highly pigmented + lovely in texture, with no fall out! Fantastic colors to choose from. I would go get some if I were you! All of these are shimmers, the best out of their formulas.)

And here’s a photo that proves that I actually curled my hair…

Woohoo! It feels awesome to do my hair! Just saying!

Until Thursday! Thanks for reading. And Have a great hump day! -Ryn

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