Etsy Find Friday: LovefromCyprus

I’m sure by now, you know that I love bags + shoes… Oh and mixing with metallics too. I have such an awesome Etsy shop for you! I wasn’t sure what to post today, so I decided to go through my favorite shops on the Etsy app, and then I found it, I found a gorgeous bucket bag. You may not know, but you will in a second once I tell you, how much I love bucket bags. They’re so chic, the perfect carry-all, and all around wonderful. Now, my only must have for one is, it HAS to be leather, whether vintage or new, it just has to be leather. Maybe, and I only mean maybe, can it be made with canvas or laminated canvas. Nothing of the vegan leather type material please.

But that’s just it, I have found a great option from LoveFromCyprus, who make genuine leather bucket bags, saddlebags, sandals, the works really! And here I am to show you, so that you can feel free & purchase from them! Woo!


The infamous bucket bag I was talking about. Isn’t it pretty?! | $175.05


Let’s talk about cute bags, shall we? Um, I could totally see this with so many outfits. And see its a glimmer of metallic, just the way I like it! | $140.04


Be still my metallic lovin’ heart! And best part, they’re rose gold… 😍 I know I know, fabulous right?
Polis strappy | $75.27


And again. Just adorable. Imagine an all black outfit, then you throw on this bag, simply perfection. | $140.04


And then for those days that you don’t want to bring a huge bag, but you still want to look chic, here is the answer. It’s perfect for a day at the Farmer’s or flea market. Paired with a lightweight olive green jacket, skinnies, white tee, & sandals. Perfect outfit material, I’d say! | $75.85


Yep, you guessed again, metallic! You know, I love me some metallic! They are just gorgeous. | $56.02

And I’m not sure it’s for a limited time, but they are offering free shipping! I think you should go visit their shop!

See y’all on Monday! -Ryn


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