Styled: Sweatshirt chic


Reaction tour sweatshirt | old navy rockstar skinny jeans | Sam Edelman ‘petty’ boots.

This is a perfect outfit for Texas right now, since it’s icy + cold! Burrrrr! (Most people are snowed in.) But this sweatshirt I wear constantly! It’s warm, cozy + its long enough to cover my booty. I wrote a post last year about the cause, you can check it out here!
But I just really love a good sweatshirt. It doesn’t matter whether they have a hood or not. I could take a sweatshirt either way. But it has to be soft on the inside or I will not be happy!

I want to tell you that its okay to have just be comfy (and leave the cute out) days. Sure this sweatshirt is cute and the boots are great, but I didn’t pair it with a bold sparkly necklace or any jewels at all. And that’s entirely OK. This was my grocery going look. Totally acceptable. And very relaxed. Perfect even for a day at the movie theater.

If you would want to wear this shopping or on casual Friday’s at work, then I would suggest to put a really Rockin’ necklace from Baublebar or Maude C. around your neck. To brighten things around your face. Nothing too serious, just a jewel or two. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed! -Ryn

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