Beauty Find: Lady Bird


Oh my word! This shade is gorgeous! I just. I can’t. It’s so pretty and the lasting power is phenomenal! I put it on my hand at 5pm and through dishwashing and washing my hands, the mark is still there at 10:30pm. Oh and it was with me wiping off the color too. This stuff should work the same on your lips. Should being the operative word.

I first saw ‘ladybird’ LIPPY moisture matte lipstick on Butter London’s IG account, and it looked fabulous on Katie Jane’s lips!


Right?! This color is just wowza! And I’m smitten. This color needs to be in my life, Stat! It’s very much like MAC’S Lady Danger shade, but Lady Bird has a pinky tone to it, than just an orange/red tone that Lady Danger has.

This one will definitely be added to my collection very very soon. It just has to be! :mrgreen: it retails for $22.00 but at right now, you can order it for $16.50!!!

Yes please & thank you! Haha!

Thanks for reading,
Have a beautiful day! -Ryn


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