Monthly Faves: February

I have a lot to go through! February was a great month!!! Onto to March and everything it has in store!

Ew! Jimmy Fallon + Taylor Swift
Oh man, I just love this video. It’s so funny!!! “Um, sometimes I like to spend a lot of time building Popsicle stick castles by myself sometimes.” I’ve probably watched this video too many times, but I just like it! Can I just meet Jimmy Fallon? he’s just hilarious! I can style him ☺

Geronimo by Sheppard
Style by Taylor Swift
All Creatures by King’s Kaleidoscope

• Koco eyeshadows in ‘darling’ + ‘sassy
Oh man, these shades are gorgeous! I’ve been incorporating both shades in my eye looks this month. And grabbing them constantly!
• Tarte ‘gifted’ Mascara
This has been my favorite since December. It’s a great everyday voluminous mascara. It is quite wet, but it dries quickly…and I love it!
• Tartelette pallette shades ‘wanderer’ + ‘free spirit’, YES! I just adore these shades! Freespirit is great for under your brow, on the brow bone. And wanderer reminds me of ‘buck’ from UD in Naked1. It’s the perfect shade for a crease color.
• Bite Beauty ‘musk’ luminous creme lipstick, this shade is gorgeous! It’s a ‘your lips but better’ shade with a hint of brown thrown in!


• Hot tools 1 1/2″ Curling Iron
I have been curling my hair ALOT just this month since receiving this curling iron! And I just found my first ever split end! (Good thing I’m getting a haircut on Wednesday!)

Tokyomilk dark perfume °45 bulletproof 🔫
This stuff smells amazing! It’s hard to describe. It’s dark + woodsy and yet sweet in a way. But I must say, this stuff is strongly scented. You do not want to over do it. And it’s very easy to, so be for warned. But I’ve been reaching for this so much!  The notes are:
Smoked tea
Coconut milk
Crushed cedar
Ebony woods


Allthewire skinny bar necklace
It’s perfect to pair with any of my outfits. Perfect with tees + skinnies, which are the majority of what I wear! It looks great layered with other necklaces too! Way to go Desiree & Tori!
• Vera Wang bow midi ring
I received this ring as a gift many years ago, like 8-10 years ago. It was from Neiman Marcus, its Very Wang, and it has 3 diamonds in the center. It is a size 5, I wear a size 9 usually… Never gonna fit, so with a chain around my neck is how I wore it. But I just discovered I can wear it as a midi ring and it’s just swell!
• Old navy square gem earrings
These earrings are great. Perfect for days that you just want to wear post earrings, but still want to make a statement!


Tuxedo stripe leggings
I love these pants! They fit so great!
Polka dot tee
I love a good slouchy shirt, that’s still so chic!


Red bell peppers, they’re a great healthy snack. They’re sweet, they’re crunchy, perfect to take with you out shopping.
Coconut cream
I’ve been making ice cream & whipped cream out of refrigerated coconut cream. It’s so tasty. It’s not quite like whipping cream, but it cuts the craving.
• Teeccino (tea CHEE no)
If you’re not familiar with Teeccino, it is a blend of dried figs, dandalion root, carob, barley, almond & chickory. Its 75% organic and 100% caffeine free. Perfect for coffee lovers who don’t want to drink coffee, since it tastes so much like it. I think better, you just need to try it yourself!


FleurDeForce vlogs
I love Fleur. I love watching what she does from day to day in life. How she deals with stuff. How she’s working towards her dreams. Its just fascinating to watch!

• Dictionary
This app is my favorite because you actually learn from it. It has words of the day. Which they give the description, the pronunciation and how to use it in a sentence. And this is me geeking out!

Hope you enjoyed!!! – Ryn


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