Lifestyle find: what I received for V-day

I know this is not February anymore, but I forgot to show you what I received for Valentines day! My mom spoiled me. As she always usually does! 🙊


And these… (She replaced them from when I lost them after Christmas!)


A French notebook: Gorgeous!
Gift tags: I already used part of them!
Chalkboard gift tags: can’t wait to use them!
Stencils; burlap + polka dot: I know exactly what I’m using these for!
Theodent toothpaste: already used this, I’ll have a review soon!
Bed Head ‘Oh Bee Hive’ dry shampoo: love this dry shampoo!
Pink washi tape, a set of two: I love washi tape!
A pencil: really cool!
Conversation heart candies: I only like the white ones!
(Not pictured, pencil bag, which I will use as an eyeliner bag! It’s super cute the zipper pull is the Eiffel Tower!)

Thanks Mama!!! You’re the Best!!

(Not gonna lie, I felt like I was gipped. I never got any chocolate. And chocolate is sooo V-day + so tasty!)

I then turned around and got my mom a tartelette pallette for v-day, since I LOVE HER SO MUCH! And since months before, we were talking and she was saying how she wanted an all matte eyeshadow pallette. So I bought the tartelette!


But she didn’t like the ingredients, so she chose the IT cosmetics pallette, I have yet to hear if she likes it… But I’m pretty sure she hasn’t used it! I’ll try and let you know how she gets on with it! Try being the operative word. 🙂


So there you have it! Let me know what you got! I’d love to hear! -Ryn


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