Style Find: liquid leggings

For the last 3 months I have been ALL about liquid leggings, leather leggings & faux leather leggings. Have I been courageous enough to wear them out…No. But at least I own a pair.

But before I bought a pair, I kept seeing the young and the older rock them, and I was totally feeling left out. I mean, they looked classy, cool, chic! I JUST had to get a pair.

Now my mom on the other hand, despises liquid leggings. She hates the look/feel of them. But, I, kinda, really, sorta like them, so I’m thinking about getting the up the nerve to actually leave the house in them… We shall see!

Funny Story, I was about to wear them one Sunday, when I decided to change because of a look she gave. And granted, the shirt I paired them with wasn’t the absolute best.
But when I showed up that day in my changed pants, two of my friends, Anna & Katie both had them on. Ha, good times!

But I will say this, I’m not entirely sure these are with all liquid leggings, or just with the pair I bought, but they are super loud. So, I’m still shopping around for another pair. Hoping I find them soon! 🙂

Here are a few looks I came up with! Annnd, I just made a few tees that I absolutely LOOOOOVE to pair with them! Yippee.


I loooove this look!


Again, I love this look.


And this, super cute.

• The trick to wearing these “said” leggings, is the length of the top you wear. The longer the top, the more flattering the leggings look. And the rounder the hem, the thinner you look. Sweet!

Thanks for reading! -Ryn

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