Style Find: Metallic Linen Knit

I have found a shirt that my heart pitter-patters for…. But no, really it’s true! I was shopping with my mom last Friday and went into Anthropologie. I like  anthropologie for many reasons, but now I really love them!

If you’re not aware of what linen knit is, you have been living under a rock, I kid, I kid!

It’s actually pretty new to the market, by retail & by the yard standards. You can only find it in a handful of places for yardage (Moodfabrics, emma one sock, marcy tilton, and a few places in retail as well, such as H&M, Neiman Marcus, and now Anthropologie. You can find linen/poly blend from OldNavy & Target, but I want the straight up 100% linen knit kind. (Whilst I was in NY, I bought 10yds of linen knit, so I’m a hardcore fan of linen knit.) And now I want yards upon yards of metallic linen knit. But until I find that, I’ll just have to get this shirt I’m about to show y’all!(and maybe some more yards of regular linen knit too) I loooooooove it! I keep thinking about it, dreaming about, pairing outfits around it in my noggin. That makes me think I should just get it, ya know?!

So here is the copper beauty I want, it’s gorgeous isn’t it?


It’s $68, which I mean, it isn’t terrible. But then again its for a T-shirt. But I know, I KNOW I will get my money’s worth out of it.
Anthropologie also has this shirt in 3 other colors: gold, peach & silver. All really pretty colors.

The other point I want to point out to you is that, linen knit is very, very easy to work with, it doesn’t crease + wrinkle like regular woven linen does. And when it does wrinkle, it gives a nice texture. It’s perfect for roomier tops. It’s soft & pliable and I tend to wear it early spring until late fall. I just really like it. Oh and its on the sheer side, but I always wear a camisole.

Here’s a pick of me wearing it too:


See? I told you it was gorgeous, didn’t I? And it totally has vanity sizing too, I could fit in the next size down! That’s something to rejoice about!
Most likely, if I get it you’ll see it in a few ootd’s and ootw’s for sure! Thanks for reading! : )

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