Beauty find: New make up bag!!!

Cue the happy dance!!! I just got a new makeup bag and I… Love it! It’s perfect. I’ve been eyeing it since Christmas. CHRISTMAS! Actually it was near thanksgiving, but who’s counting?! šŸ˜‰

When I saw it, the color was a grey shade, but when I saw it on friday they only have it in the hot pink which is super cute & colorful!

It’s super durable, clear plastic. It’s pretty big, which I was drawn to instantly. It was a bag I would love to have. Which eventually I would own. I did put it on my Christmas & Birthday list, which didn’t happen, but alas I finally got it.
My other makeup bag had a tragic death from over stuffing. And I had to make due with a few other bags in the meantime…



Old bag, it finally gave out after only five months… Rest in peace.

But this baby was worth the wait!


And I really, REALLY LIKE IT!
It’s from the brand Stephanie Johnson. I bought mine from Neiman Marcus for $38.00. Dimensions: 10-7/8ā€ L x 3-1/2″ W x 8″ H
You can find her bags on or in store at Neiman Marcus. : ) (which is $8 cheaper, who knew?!)

Hope you enjoyed! I thought I’d share a great find for sure! -Ryn

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