Style Fyle: Men’s fashion

I woke up wanting 3 things today…
1. An apple Fritter from Paul’s Donuts.
If I haven’t told you before, I love Paul’s donuts! His apple fritters are just divine! Fortunately and unfortunately I’ve been on 28 day metabolism booster eating plan. Yesterday and today is the hardest days of the week, because I can only eat meat & veggies. No fruit, no carbs, no nothing! So, all that to say, an apple fritter will not be in my future!

2. Wanting to be in New York.
I know I have expressed to you how much I love New York! If I could move there for a short period of time, I would hop on the next flight. I just want to soak it all in. I do have a standing invitation with my friend to stay with her, so we’ll see! : )

3. A flat white with coconut milk & mocha syrup from Starbucks.
I have a love/hate relationship with Starbucks. I hate that the “fancy” coffee is so stinkin much in price! But I love that they now serve coconut milk. And flat whites are amazing if you haven’t tried them yet. Like I said, a love hate relationship. But I am currently sipping on one, so that’s a happy thing : )

Now onto other business, Men’s fashion. I don’t usually divulge in the world of men’s fashion, yet I see the good & the very bad all the time.

A few things I hate seeing:
Too tight of clothing.
• Shirts: I don’t want to see how tight you can wear your shirts & sweaters.
You want to have your tees fit, but not tight to excess. It needs to skim your physique. Not show your every little nook & cranny of your muscles or flab.
• Pants: I’m pretty sure you’re not nor with you ever be Tim McGraw or Kenny Chesney. So why have your pants groping places…
This is a common mistake, you see pictures of celebs and models wearing too tight of pants and you think if they can wear it so can you, but in reality, its just too tight. Question, how can that be comfortable? A perpetual wedgie in the front… Ew. If you do find a style you like in pants at say Nordstrom or Nordstrom rack, they have a tailor on the premises to tailor fit it to you, so if you want the pants nipped and tucked slightly, have at it! So, no more of the tight pants, right? (Nod yes)

• Also, when pants are obviously too short. If the pants are supposed to be rolled up, that’s one thing. But when it’s just too short, buy your appropriate length.

• When wearing suits, your pants/jacket are as if they’re going to rip in two! Again, buy the appropriate size. If you do not know your size then go to i.e. Nordstrom and get measured.

• Wearing white shoes. Granted, I have seen some awesome white shoes, but its how you execute how you wear them. But that’s not always the case.
– I saw a guy at church who paired a casual coral + white stripe oxford shirt, brown dress pants and then white dress shoes. It would have looked better, if he had paired it with a dressier oxford shirt, say in a blue color, with his dress pants and then the white shoes. The juxtaposition was just off. Also, if you have a man or you are a man, invest in some nice brown leather brogues or loafers. Chestnut color is a great color to mix with your wardrobe.

• Wearing dress shirts in athletic fit, when you do not have an athletic body and having it pull below or across your belly.
There is a simple way to avoid this from happening, buy in a classic fit. And make sure it fits properly. It works wonders.

Also, when I was shopping in Neiman’s the other day I snapped a few pics of some displays that looked so good! All casual, but you get the gist of them all fitting well! None of the shirts are overly tight, revealing, stretching over the body. But just seem to skim the body. Perfection. Take note, this is what you want your fit to be like & look like. And there’s nothing like a good pair of jeans fitting well… I’m sure you’ll turn heads with a great pair of well fitting jeans on! 😉




So I hope this helps with some style choices in men’s fashion.

What’s your favorite thing in men’s fashion right now?


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