Beauty Fyle: empties

It is time to show + share my empties with you! I’ve been stockpiling my, well garbage to show you for quite sometime, meaning to take pics and such and just haven’t done it, until today! I’ll be sharing about some products I really liked and some products that weren’t worth it with you. Are you ready? I thought so! Here we go!



{From left to right}
• bliss soapy suds ‘blood orange + white pepper’. It smells pretty good, wasn’t my favorite. And it left my skin a bit dry. | $18
• Philosophy ‘oatmeal raisin’ 3-1 body wash. I love philosophy’s philosophy, but using it on my head is a no go for me. But as body wash I love it. And the smells actually smell so much like the real thing it’s amazing. | $18
• Korres shower gel in ‘jasmine’.
Yes, just yes. Out of all 4 of these this was a favorite. The smell alone is phenomenal. It smells so good. If you get the chance to use this stuff, take it! You will NOT be disappointed! | $19.50
• Kiehl’s ‘original musk’ body + shower liquid. I love Kiehl’s to begin with. And I use their ‘original musk’ perfume daily and this shower liquid is lovely smelling. I love when a body wash lingers on the skin, even after you shower. This stuff is worth purchasing! | $18



{From left to right}
• Batiste dry shampoo in dark & deep brown. I love this stuff. I will purchase again. The scent isn’t over powering, it is tinted, so the brush out is a lot easier. And I just really like batiste! | $8.99
• Not Your Mother’s Clean freak refreshing dry shampoo. I actually really like this stuff! It smells like soap to me, and it’s a bit on the heavy side, but honestly not bad, I’ve smelled worse. Trust me! Yeah, definitely a win! | $6.00
• Fructis volume extend fortifying conditioner. I really like the Fructis brand. I like using their products on my hair, too. So, this is another win for me! $6.00
• Batiste dry shampoo in ‘medium brown’. I remember I didn’t like this one as much as the dark & deep brown shampoo, as it wasn’t as dark. It was OK, but not my favorite. | $8.99



• Kroger brand nourishing nail polish remover. Yep, good stuff. I buy the generic brands of remover all the time, and I really like the nourishing part of it. Its still just as strong and just as effective. | $1.00
• Pit Putty in original lemon & clove. My armpits enjoyed this stuff, my carpets did not. It’s VERY crumbly. It’s very effective. I used it in the summer…in texas and it was fine. | $9.00
• Sonicare toothbrush. I love sonicare toothbrushes. But this one died on me. I had it for about 3yrs I’d say. But it just died unfortunately. There’s not too much to say. I did however by a new one and it’s so cute! Its coral-y pink! | $99
• Auromere Toothpaste in licorice.
First off, I love licorice flavor, basically fennel. And secondly, I really like this toothpaste. It is a bit gritty, but it cleans my teeth so well and it was whitening my teeth some too. And its fluoride free. Its one of the better “healthy” toothpastes out there! | $7



•Boots botanics hot cloth cleansing balm. I LOVE this product. It has helped my skin so much, I can even describe how much it has helped. Its an amazing product. Yes, I will indefinitely keep purchasing this product.
• Josie Maran Argan oil. As you can see, I have two of these babies. I like be this stuff. Its so moisturizing. I use it as one of moisturizers, and it does the job successfully. 0.5 fl.oz | $14



• Pacifica sandlewood perfume. I go through these so quickly, because I adore this scent. It’s so clean yet woodsy. Its splendid, I tell you. I only wish they sold a lager bottle, but I do love their price point as it is, so I’m willing to just by multiples of this stuff! Yum! | $22



• Makeup Sponge. I buy these at Marshall’s. I have never used a beauty blender. So I can’t really compare this sponge to the blender. But I must say, I really like these sponges. They’re very handy when you need to get in nooks & crannies of your face. And when applying foundation to your face. I have used it both wet & dry. And I think I like it better wet. | $4
•Bareminerals Prime Time makeup primer. This stuff is so amazing. I love it so much. It gives your face a nice photofinishing look. It has a nice glow to it. The Elf cosmetics one is close to it, but doesn’t quite have the same consistency to it. | $24
• Elf eyebrow kit. Speaking of elf. Yep, its my favorite. I use this every time I do my make up, and I love it. Not much more to say. I do hit pan on the wax, since I rarely use the powder. The rep of Anastasia Beverly hills even liked my brows when I had this product on. I wasn’t about to tell, I didn’t have one of their products on. ; ) | $3
• NYX HD photogenic consealer in CW01. I use this mainly under my eyes. I wanted a cheaper alternative to bare escentuals well rested. And this product is the answer. I love it. It doesn’t make my eyes too white underneath in pictures. It does make me look well rested, and for that i am very thankful. And it’s definitely an easy & great product to use. | $4.99
• Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in nude. This stuff is amazing. Its my favorite tinted moisturizer. It makes sense so many bloggers love Laura Mercier’s products. It’s creamy, dewy and perfect. 1.7 fl.oz | $44
• Benefit They’re Real mascara. For a looong time this used to be my one and only mascara and it served me well. It made my lashes look long, full and plump. Its really quite incredible stuff, really. If I were you, I would give this product a go. | $23
• Smashbox Hyperlash mascara in ‘blackout’. Yep, it’s safe to say that this is a great mascara. It is a rather wet formula, but it makes my lashes look so good! I do have to warn you that this mascara is harder to take off, so just be forewarned. | $23
• everyday minerals muli-tasking neutral matte base. This is a great powder for me. I use it over my foundation and it just gives me a great finish to my skin. If you like more mineral type items, the I would give everyday minerals a chance. Oh and they have a great sample system you should try out. 0.17oz. | $14

And there you have it, all of my empties are reviewed. And a lot of them I would still buy. And I get to throw these empties away finally!

Let me know in the comments what 2 empty products that you have loved from your stash!
See y’all tomorrow! -Ryn

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Fyle: empties

  1. Its nice to see full size products , that takes a lot persistence. I have a lot of sample empties post. I am trying to gather a few full size empties but I may only have 2 in June. maybe

    1. Yeaaaah, this is like 7mo. of accumulation! Haha! Believe me you’ll get there! At least you have sample sizes. I’ll have to come read your posts. Thanks for reading mine! ☺

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