Diy Friday: Hey Y’all sweatshirt

Hey, y’all, Hey! I know this post is two days late, but at least I’m posting it and not waiting until 2 fridays to post it.

If y’all don’t know, I say y’all all day every day! And I say Hey ALOT too. And I love how this diy turned out! It’s so cute! I bought this sweatshirt about 7 months ago and I had noooo idea what to do with it. Mainly because I don’t wear much color other than neutrals, so buying a cornflower blue sweatshirt was problematic for me.
I came up with this idea for a graphic sweatshirt, and I love it!


Here’s what you’ll need:
Sweatshirt (I bought mine from The Gap)
Fabric (I used B+W stripes, but you can use any pattern. I almost used floral, but liked the stripes more.)
Heavy duty Heat n bond
Coordinating Embroidery Floss
4″ letter stencils (I bought them from Staple’s in the education area)

1. Iron your fabric out. Then using the wrong side of the fabric, place the heat n bond to it. And iron. Then when the two are bonded, let cool.
2. Pick out the letters you would like to use. Then lay them out on the heat n bond backwards. And trace around each one.



3. Then place them on the sweatshirt, however you want them and one by one, peel the paper backing off and place on your sweatshirt and iron.



4. Then you’ll split the embroidery floss in two. So you’ll get 3 strands then. Then pick your stitch you want. (I used the blanket stitch.) And knot your strand & knot the end.
5. Start on the inside of the sweatshirt and the go through your sweatshirt + letter and start your stitches. And then go around each letter. And tie off each one. (This part took me around 6hrs to complete over 3 days time.)


And then you’re done and ready to pair with awesome outfits!

If you’re going to DIY at all using any of my tutorials, and post them to Instagram and use #sbrdiy and tag me: @rynb thanks y’all! (See?)


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