Product review: theodent toothpaste

I recieved my very first Theodent toothpaste for Valentine’s day. You’re probably wondering why someone would give me toothpaste for that occasion, but let me tell ya, I requested it. I’ve seen it being sold at wholefoods and I was intrigued. I had initially thought it was Chocolate flavored, how unfortunate to find out that it wasn’t. What a letdown.

But overall, I like this product. It doesn’t taste like a “healthy” toothpaste usually tastes like. And it does have some whitening purposes to it. I’ve notice a small difference with how white my teeth are getting. And I’ve been using it for about a month.

Also the packaging is amazing! It’s gorgeous to have it sitting out on the counter by the sink. With the gold & the brown. And the spout. It’s all very cool and streamlined. It is difficult to open the lid if you have wet or lotioned hands. I’ve struggled abit. The struggle is real, people, the struggle is real. ; )



But all in all, I like it. I like that there is no fluoride in the ingredients. That there is a component in the ingredients that is made from the cocoa bean plant. And that my teeth are whiter. And mouth feels cleaner after using this stuff.

Now the question is, would I spend $10.99+tax for a tube that is only 4oz. (When a regular tube of toothpaste has 6-8oz.) Every two months… Ehh, I’m not entirely sure. I will say you hardly need any paste when applying the paste on your toothbrush. So that’s always nice!
Yes I like the product, but spending $66.00 solely on toothpaste a year is a bit pricey. Would I do it every 3-4 months, yes, yes I think I would. (I’m thinking about alternating every other 2 months, buying theodent and another brand toothpaste. And seeing how that goes.) Then it would only be $33-$44 per year. Not saying $66 isn’t doable, but I am saying spending $11 a tube, isn’t always doable, when you’re also buying other things from wholefoods too, if you know what I mean… Keep that in mind…

ā€¢ I would rather have a bit more product and a bit less fancy packaging. Just my opinion!

But all in all, this is a fancy product that I would like to repurchase again. If you’re like me and you want an alternative to fluoride based toothpastes, give this one a try.
Next time I’m going for the theodent kids, I hear it actually tastes like chocolate, and who wouldn’t want chocolate flavored toothpaste?! Its Evey kids dream… And mine too šŸ˜‰

Have a great week, thanks for reading and I’ll see you on Thursday! XO -Ryn

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Thanks y’all!


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