Beauty Fyle: the perfect gel-like nails


You see these POLISHED nails? They’ve been on my fingernails for 7 straight days! With washing dishes, using my hands for multiple things, showering, etc. And I only have one chip that happened on the 6th day. Crazy! My nails usually chip on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd day. And I promptly take off my polish. Because I can’t stand chipped polish.

Want know how I did it?! Well let me tell you! But First I must tell you, this is an easy regimen, but a lengthy time consuming one. So if you have kiddos, I would make sure they’re in bed by the time you start this. ; ) Just had to tell you!


Now on to the tutorial:
Step 1) Clean around your nails using nippers, file your nails to your liking. Basically get your nails in tip, top shape! (I use a glass nail file which is amazing for your nails. Sephora has one!)

Step 2) wash your hands before application of polish. But skip the moisturizer, until after your nails are dry.

Step 3) Use a square white buffer. You can purchase one from a beauty supply store. And use it on the top & edges of your nails. And buff, buff, buff.

Step 4) Apply Orly Bonder® rubberized basecoat. This will help your polish adhere to your basecoat.

Step 5) Then apply your choice of color.
• I used 1 coat of Butter London ‘Macbeth’ and 1 coat on top of Macbeth of Zoya ‘Angella’ nail polish.

Step 6) Use OPI ‘start to finish’ base + top coat. Make sure to polish to the edges of the fingernail.

Step 7) Use Orly Polishshield® all-in-one ultimate topcoat as the last and final product to apply to your nails.

Step 8) Then take a breather, chill, relax, make some tea or coffee , sit back and watch a movie. By the time the movie’s done(30-60min), your nails will be completely dry.
Also make sure you are not submerging your hands in water anytime after you just polished your nails (say within 3hrs after you’ve polished your nails) , even to wash your hands… It doesn’t help the polish last.

And then when completely dry, resume daily activity.


Hint: I watch a movie and do my nails at the same time, I then go to bed right after the movie ends and let it dry if still tacky.

And there you have it, my recipe for doing my nails! If you try this, please let me know how it goes!

Talk to y’all later! -Ryn

P.s Ulta is having their 21 days of beauty and today only they have their polishes on sale for $9! ($15 usually!) Online & in-store. So if you’re interested in trying Butter London or you love their polishes already, then go get some! I want the Ladybird shade, but I’m unable to find it… 😦 I’ll figure something out! 😉

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