Etsy Find Friday: Karin A.

I found a gorgeous clothing line for Tel Aviv, Israel. It’s light, airy, full of details & all muted or neutral colors! I would definitely wear some of her garments. I would feel honored to wear from this line! And you’ll see some favorites in a minute! And her prices are pretty great. Much like anthropologie prices. But just count in the customs & shipping… And you’re good to go.
I often don’t find too many clothing lines when scouring through Etsy, but when I do, They’re like hidden gems. Y’all need to look & buy from Karin A.! So much greatness!

Karin A. Concept:
Contrasts, urban and romantic, street and luxury, feminine and masculine these what makes Karin:A’s style stand out. Clean lines, yet luxurious and edgy enabling comfort and individual expression. New collection now available!

Onto my favorites from their shop:


Long Grey cardigan | $99


Beige Ladies Tee Shirt | $75


Cool Black trousers | $60


Charming loose neckline blouse | $58


Light gray/gray jacket $67


Grey gray hoodie w/ zippers | $150


Black sweatshirt with asymmetrical seams | $90

So that’s only a few pieces of what I would love to have in my closet. I could go on and on! That grey hoodie! Ugh! I love it! And the long grey hoodie! 😍 I would rock those well! 😁

Anyway, y’all should go like them, love them + buy from them!!!
Enjoy! Love, Ryn

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