Beauty Fyle: Beauty Con

As promised, here is my thought on BeautyConTX. These are all my own opinions. If you attended and loved it, I’m so glad for you! And let me preface this by saying, I really Really wanted this event to be good! I was very hopeful…

I was able to attend BeautyConTX on March 14th. I bought the general admission. You don’t get any perks, just a ticket in the door. It cost $25 + a handling fee (which is ridiculous, since I had to print out my own ticket…they should be paying me! ;))
They did have two other ticket options… $125 or $250. Yeah, also with handling fees. You do receive a few perks with each of those options, like a guarantee of meeting your favorite youtuber/blogger, a swag bag, special access to certain areas, etc.

Can I just say it wasn’t what I was expecting, is that fair to say?


I asked my mom to come with me. Which is pretty great to begin with, since we’re both women, we both like beauty products, we live together and we’re besties. So, It’s basically a win-win! (I did invite others to join, but I’m so glad no one did, cause this was a total flop! You’ll see why in a bit!)

So we arrived around noon-ish. We had to park about 2 miles away from the event. And on top of your cost to get in, you had to pay for parking too.(don’t get me started on how I feel about places that charge parking, when they own their own parking lots!)
We took the shuttle on the way to the event.
We got to the event, get in the door and immediately go to the restroom… It happens! πŸ˜‰ But then we noticed how dark it was. It was so dark. We weren’t too sure what to do next, which there wasn’t too much to do. It wasn’t very organized, they had only about 10-12 vendors who were there, each one had incredibly long lines too. 😍 I don’t need Tarte or build your own Birchbox that badly! (And I can go to Ulta, Sephora or Beauty Brand’s for all of my Tarte product needs!) And then there were panels going on, so you could listen to youtubers share about different topics.
I listened for about 5 minutes…


Can I say, I’ve been to better events? (There is a Women’s expo coming up at the end of May, that is always so great!
If only I could put certain parts of beautycon into the women’s expo, then we could have a winner, winner, chicken dinner!)
Sure, I get that this was the first beautycon event ever to be in Dallas, I totally get it. And, That maybe the more established beautycon events have more things to do, more vendors etc. Who knows. I was just let down.
I felt like it was overly hyped up, but the outcome didn’t match. Flop worthy.
I felt like I was at a convention, full of Disney characters, where you meet your favorite character, snap a pic and walk away. It was bazaar, really.
Their amount of activites were slim…They did have a mechanical bull. Whoo!
I love watching youtubers, don’t get me wrong. i enjoy it as much as the next guy, but that being said, i feel like this event wasn’t worth my time.
I would have LOVED to have met Fleurdeforce & Kandee Johnson, but I’m sorry, I’m not going to pay $125-$250 to meet someone. (I could see how it could be that much, if it were going toward a great cause or charity, but I as far as I know, it was going to the beautycon peeps. I’d rather buy a new Rebecca Minkoff bag instead of spending that much to meet my fave youtuber, no offense.

Oh there’s another thing, I thought they would pull on local businesses from the Dallas/Fort Worth area as vendors. Nope. They had NYX, Tarte, Mr.Kate, QVC, Birchbox, one jewelry company, a zippered bed spread company, crown brushes… And I’m not sure what else. They also had food trucks, but I never saw them up close.
The event seemed like it was directed towards 12-16 year olds. That’s fine, but I wish they made that clear with their advertising and website info…
There were older people who attended, who were probably as disappointed as I was, too quickly realizing this wasn’t directed to their age range.

Oh my gosh, there were a lot, ALOT of people of all ages who had heavy foundation on, and not just heavy, it was the wrong shade too. Oh it looked so bad. I felt sorry for them.

What made my heart so sad, is this event wasn’t an encouraging environment. I didn’t see where beauty experts would pull people aside, tellng them how to improve their makeup, how to wear effectively they could be wearing there clothes, etc. How you don’t need that much makeup. You don’t NEED hair extensions, or fake nails to be beautiful. Beauty products are meant to be fun, but they aren’t a necessity. Sure I like makeup, who doesn’t? But that doesn’t make me who I am. My character does.
I sometimes think, we put beauty in a box, and we never waver from it, and yet beauty is ever evolving. When we get older, we tend not to go as intense as we do when we’re adolescents. But, I say we can do whatever we want as long as it looks good! Sure, just adjust it to your style & preferences and age. And you are as good as golden.

Anyway, I saw so many young impressionable girls, walk in with a full face of makeup, fake lashes and fake nails, etc. And they think that is what beauty is all about. It wasn’t an encouraging atmosphere, where women were coming together and enjoying themselves, and learning from other women. It was as if it were a contest to see who could one one up the other one… If it was an encouraging atmosphere, I guarantee my review would be different. Please somebody, start a beauty show with all elements I have mentioned or will mention and I’ll be the first to sign up!


Here’s what I think they could improve:
β€’ Lighten up! Use the lights in the venue, make it brighter instead of darker.
β€’ Have more vendors. Invite local businesses to attend.
β€’ Have more clothing items for sale too.
β€’ Have more activities, not just for the high ticket attendees, but for everybody. Have some craft areas like diy lip scrubs or make your own necklaces and earrings. Or get a manicure, learn how to do a few steps of dance moves, barre or yoga workout moves… Something fun!
β€’ Lower the prices. I’m still shocked that the prices were so high, how can 12-16 year olds afford $250 tickets?! Please parents, don’t get into debt over something like this.
β€’ Be more organized. So, you’ll know where the line starts & stops between vendors.
β€’ Direct Beautycon events to a wider age range. I guarantee you’ll have more sales. So from 12-70’syears, okay?
β€’ Add in some makeup artists to the mix like Charlotte Tilbury, Trish McEvoy, MAC Artists etc. to speak on panels. Maybe hair stylists, wardrobe stylists or designers too.
β€’ Use all areas of beauty. Not just makeup. But fashion, skincare, accessories, etc.
β€’ Have it be an encouraging place for all types of women. And women of all ages.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading. Sorry it’s probably not what you were expecting, but I didn’t know how exactly to say it either.

Let’s just say, thank goodness for BreadWinners! πŸ˜‰
See y’all tomorrow! 😘 -Ryn

P.s. It was delightful walking through Fair Park, when the fair wasn’t going on. Plus the weather was gorgeous!!
I snapped a few pictures!




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