Style Find: Birkenstock Sandals

I went with the gold! If you’re not too sure what this means, then you’re not following me on Instagram: @RynB, and you really should be! (I had a friend come up to me at church and ask me which shoe I decided to go with… Ha!)

This year I have been eyeing these babies for awhile, everytime I would go to Nordstrom or They are just so floral & so cute! They actually match my business cards! Ha!


Now, I’ve never been a true fan of Birkenstock shoes. Yes, my mom wears them, and they look good on her feet.  but I’ve never been a fan of how they look on my feet…have I really tried them on my feet? Nooo!  So this is me as I am acting like a kid who says he hates broccoli when he’s never tried broccoli…
I came to the conclusion that I just wouldn’t wear them enough to invest $89.95 on them. And I just wasn’t sure about how to style them. I was close to getting them, but I’ve been wanting to add some other shoe styles to my shoe collection, like: a pair of heels & vans so $90 wasn’t in my budget for one pair of shoes at this time..  They’re still very cute! And I would still like to have them, maybe, I don’t know… And I may change my mind, and purchase them after all. Maybe.

Since Birkenstocks have been “IN” since last summer, I did want to hop on the band wagon, just not so high…. I know they last forever, but trends do not… But I’m not totally a trend follower either. However, I found an alternative, Meet ‘Doris’, my new summer sandals! I purchased them on Sunday, and they are quite dapper! I asked my friends + followers  on Instagram & Facebook, to help me make the decision of which pair to go with, and most said #1.


But if you know me, I like to be different, run away from the pack, so I decided to with these golden beauties!


They are so cute, and I am really excited to pair with outfits!

• Here’s the thing, if you are in the same boat or similar to me, then try other knockoff Birkenstock style brands first, before you decide you want to commit $90 to your feet.

Oh and did I mention, that they only cost around $18 for me?! They are originally $25 retail, but since they are  having a special going this week until Sunday, of buy one get on 50% off, they were 25% off, plus if you use you Target red card, you receive an extra 5% off. So all in all, it’s been a great decision of purchasing! And my mom purchased the other pair… The bronzed beauties!

I will be doing outfit of the days & weeks with these puppies, so please stay tuned!

Hope you enjoyed reading this! And I hope you have lovely day! – Ryn

P.s tell me something that you love about spring time?!

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