Diy Friday: fur stole tee

So, this is a different sort of diy Friday… I had this idea of taking a white v-neck tee, and taking rabbit fur and adding it around the neck. Well I didn’t have enough of the fur to go around the neck, so I pieced it with some bronzed metallic leather I had. Then I attached the the “fur stole” to baby tiny snaps. And attached the the other snaps to the shirt. Therefore resulting in a furry T-shirt.


It’s not as cute as I thought it was going to be in my head. Let’s be real, it’s not cute at all!
What I am saying is, it’s never a bad thing to make mistakes… Even with DIY’s. That’s how you continue to grow and learn from those mistakes. Will I be wearing this shirt? No, I will be using this shirt for next diy Fridays tutorial.



I just want to encourage you that you are going to make mistakes. And its OK! It’s totally fine. No need to get your knickers in a twist about it. And it’s usually pretty easy to rework a diy. Whether it be an unwanted hole or sewing something on wrong. It happens. But it’s easily doable.

I will be showing you how to take a disaster and turning it into something you’ll actually wear on Friday April 10th. And it’s easy too!

Hope you learned that you’ll even make mistakes with tutorials. But again its no biggie, you can readjust your idea or you can scrap that idea and start fresh with a new idea. You can add texture when you made a mistake. The options are pretty endless. You got this!

I’ll see y’all on Monday! Thanks for reading! -Ryn
IG: @RynB


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