Style Fyle: Easter outfits

“Here comes Peter cottontail, jumping ’round the bunny trail, hippity hoppity Easter’s on its waaaaay!”

I haven’t shopped for an easter outfit in years. I feel like when you hit your twenties and sometimes late teens, you just forego shopping for easter outfits. Which is a shame, since we get a whole new outfit for the sake Easter/Resurrection Sunday! Just saying! Unfortunately, when I think of easter, I think of easter dresses. I don’t Loooove to wear dresses, but I will for the sake of not finding a thing to wear! But if you want to find an outfit, it doesn’t have to be a dress. Thank goodness! It could be a skirt, a jumpsuit, flowy pants, skinny pants, etc. The options are pretty much endless! Here are a few options to choose from! I did throw in two dresses, just to warn you!

easter outfits

River Island blue dress
$60 –

Isabel Marant long sleeve top
$1,040 –

3 1 Phillip Lim blouse
$440 –

Miss Selfridge top

H M white shirt
$10 –

Balenciaga jacket

River Island jacket
$82 –

Trench coat

Blue jacket

TIBI pants

Roland Mouret skirt

Milly red pants

Splendid jumpsuits romper

DVb Victoria Beckham denim jeans
$275 –

Jumpsuits romper

Red skirt

Skater skirt

I tried to find items that weren’t black, Since it’s spring. But I like wearing black, so I couldn’t stray far.
A lot of these items, I would tweak with. Some are dressier than others, it depends on your style, preference & chirch dress code. But here are a few tweaks I would make these outfits:
• The floral blazer with the v-neck shirt and maxi skirt, I would scrunch up the sleeves of the blazer. And half tuck the v-neck shirt.
• The Denim jumpsuit (& denim dress), I would throw on gold & brass jewelry. Necklaces, rings, small hoops or studs etc. And heels, but not overly fancy heels. Just understated ones. Maybe wedge heels.
• With the neon yellow skater skirt, first off I would have it go the length of your fingertips or an inch longer. No minis please. Secondly I would either half tuck the front of the navy blouse or just tuck it in and blouse it.
• for the culottes & off white blouse, I would for sure say to tuck in the blouse. Wear heels and a structured bag. Maybe some arm candy.
• With the neon top, with the bold printed pencil skirt and leather jacket. Make sure your midriff skin isn’t going to show. It seems as if its a crop top, and well that’s just inappropriate to wear to a church service.
• With the coral pants and shell. It’s doable to wear a cardigan or blazer. Your choice. And strappy heels are acceptable. And medium/large hoop earrings.
• With the Floral top, colored skinny and drapey trench, you can go with ankle boots, heels or wedges.
• With the all white outfit, pointy toed d’orsay flats or heels would look dynamite!
• With the floral jumpsuit, I would add a denim jacket, motorcycle jacket or a blazer to the mix and wedges for sure.
• and Lastly, the Shift dress, I would pair that dress with heels or brogues. A longer necklace and stud earrings.

•Also just for future reference, it nice to wear cardigans or jackets in a church service. It sometimes gets chilly. And especially while on stage if you sing, nobody wants to see you armpits when raising your hands. Also keep those hemlines longer.

I hope this helps in your last minute decision making escapades for trying to find the perfect outfit! I know you’ll look cute no matter what!
Love y’all! -Ryn


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