Style Fyle: Shoe collection pt.1


There’s no denying it! I love shoes! And I love to buy shoes, but I’m rather picky when picking out shoes. I know what I like and what I don’t, the more genuine 100% leather the better, but I do purchase faux leather too. It depends on how they look, feel & how much they cost! I have found some (and continue to find) amazing deals on shoes. And I remember where most of them are from too.

• I try and go through my shoes every so often and purge shoes I do not wear or have worn in quite some time. I either giveaway, sell or trash depending on the state they’re in.

• I then make a list of the style shoes I really really want to purchase. Some may get crossed off, if I decide I don’t really want them and then others I do purchase eventually. : ) all lists are on my phone, that way I can always stay focused.



(From left to right)
• Cowboy boots: I live in TX, and living here without cowboy boots is pretty much blasphemy. I picked them up at a thrift store for $8. They’re Justin’s.
• Grey tall boots: I’ve worn these just a few times but I can’t seem to part from them. They were $30 from Dillard’s years ago, like 7years ago. Timeless style.
• Brown bow tall boots: I bought these from anthropologie. I love these. I’m pretty sure, they need to be resoled soon. They were around $50, I think…
• Rainboots: I bought these from Target a long time ago for $4. I, sometimes wear these when its raining…Obviously!


• Sam Edelman leather ‘Petty’ boots: I received these for Christmas 2014 and I absolutely love them! I wear them all the time!
• Sam Edelman suede ‘Petty’ boots: I bought these during Christmastime. I bought them from a seller on Poshmark for $50! I wear these all the time too!
•MIA suede boots: I’ve worn these boots so much! On my trip to NYC in Dec. 2013 I wore them everyday! If I’d know that, I wouldn’t have brought any of my other shoes. I bought them from DSW for $30!
• Heeled taupe ruffle ankle boots: I bought these from Anthropologie. I don’t wear these nearly enough. But would like to. They are only like 3hr. shoes…


Winter boots: I’ve had the dark brown ones for years, I got them from Sam’s or Costco. Same goes for the black. Each boot were between $30-$50 for real sheepskin + suede.



• Anthropologie flatforms: bought these again, years ago. But these are some of my favorites.
• Gap wedges: bought these for like $30. They are super cute to work into a lot of outfits.
• Anthropologie wood wedges: I’ve never worn these! But I purchased these for $20! And they’re made in Italy and the brand name is Leifsdottir.
• Anthropologie wedges: Cute wedges I’ve only worn once or twice. I bought them for $20. And I really like them.
• DSW wedges: these are great wedges, they are dark gray, white & coral. With jute on the wedge part. Perfect for summer. They’re Steve Madden and were $15!


• Sam Edelman heels: I bought these in Seattle at Nordstrom rack for a steal! I think the were $25! I love them and would like to wear them more often!
• Nina dolls: I bought these shoes from Ross dress for less for $5! They’re genuine leather. Metallic sheen to them. Super cute!
• Vince Camuto Nude heels: everybody should have a pair of nude heels in their wardrobe. Nude goes with everything. And they elongate our legs.
• Seychelles black heels: I bought these for a wedding for $20 @ anthropologie. I adore the little metallic bronze ruffle.



Sperry Topsiders w/studs: I bought them at Nordstrom Rack. I think these were $60. But such a great purchase. Since I love them!
Sperry Topsiders: these were my first Topsiders. Which I always wanted. And now I own them.
Johnston & Murphy: I bought these from a thrift store for $6! You read that right, $6 for real leather brogues! They were in the men’s section.
{• I will say this, I hesitate buying shoes from thrift stores, mainly because I think it’s repulsive, not knowing who’s feet were there. You usually need a whole lot of Lysol! But with these, I know the man who wore these shoes probably wore socks. Hallelujah!}
Bass metallic gold: I bought these because a customer of mine had a pair like these on. And I wanted them. So I bought them to wear on my 25th birthday. I need to wear them more often!
Cole Haan loafers: I bought these from a posher from poshmark for $14! They were refurbished. And I love ’em!



Grey: these are probably my most well loved shoes. They are so easy to chuck on and head out the door. And with a price point of $43. It’s a great bargain for suede shoes. You can find these here.
Black: I love the grey better, but these are a pair that are well loved as well. You can find them here.
Chestnut booties: these are super cute. I used them in a DIY. Where I painted polka dots all over them. I think these run $45. Which isn’t bad when these shoes last a long long time!

To be continued…

I hope you’re enjoying this! I will be back on Monday for the rest of my shoe collection! See ya then, well, and this Thursday for March faves!
Love ya! -Ryn


4 thoughts on “Style Fyle: Shoe collection pt.1

      1. You’re welcome! And believe me, you’re not alone at all, I think everyone has their quirky collections.

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