Monthly Faves: March

Whelp, there’s that time again! March was such a good month! I liked the month itself a lot and I liked ALOT in this month! Alot, alot!
Here’s to April! That it will be even better than March! Cheers!

Here’s what I loved in marchy, march March!



• ‘Only hope’ by my girl, Dara Maclean. Oh my gosh if you have not listened to this song you should. Ever since I heard this, I always tear up! So many emotions! It’s such an amazing song!
• ‘Hate to see your heart break’ by Paramore. First off, I really like the band Paramore. Like really! And secondly this is a great song. I love singing along to it.
• ‘Diamonds’ by Johnnyswim. It’s a great song. I personally feel like it’s a song of self worth. That each every one of us is worthy. That we’re all diamonds.
Yay for good tunes!



• This blue coat was amazing this past winter! I received so many compliments on it. It’s a gorgeous color and actually really warm.  And believe it or not, I did need it earlier in the month! And to think, I didn’t wear it for a year because I thought it wasn’t cute! • That white v-neck is perfection. It hugs me in all the right places. It’s soft, it’s long, it’s flowy! Ugh! I can’t get over it! I wish I had made more of them in white!
• These Van’s, I adore them! I love wearing them. They’re so fun, comfortable, cute. I just love ’em. I purchased them years ago for just $6 at Nordstrom Rack!!!
• This Sweater was a great purchase. I can tell already that it will be favorite this spring and summer. It’s a linen/cotton. Unfortunately, the elbows will spring, and until you wash it, it will be sprung. But it was still worth the purchase!



(Top to bottom)
• Rose gold fox earrings
I love these earrings! They’re so cute. I bought these from Nordstrom B.P. for I think $3-$4… And worth every penny!
• Crystal stud earrings
I really like these earrings. They’re from anthropologie. And they are simple. Vintage feel to them and goes so well with my style.
• Claw post earrings
I received these from my good friend Cortney for my birthday, and I wear them constantly! They are so great!



• Whole Foods Mammoth Coffee + chocolate syrup.
So tasty. It’s a fairly new thing to drink. It’s paleo. It’s where you take coffee, coconut oil + butter. Instead of adding in creamer, you have it this way and it satiates you. It’s an amazing coffee. You should try it!
• Starbucks Flat white with coconut milk + mocha. Um yum! Y’all should try it. Its so so good. I try and order this anytime I’m there.
• Central Market’s mashed Sweet Potatoes. Let’s all say it together, yummy! If you have not tasted CM mash SP, you are for sure missing out and you need to hop on a plane or take a trip to Texas and experience the amazingness of these mashed sweet potatoes! They are incredible!
• Friday-Tuesday these are a great GREAT treat! I love the way they sound, but I really like how I can eat them on this eating plan. I eat them with either coconut or ricemilk. Super yummy. And I may or may not add chocolate chips to the mix…
• Sprouted wheat bagel, mashed avocado & fried egg open faced sandwich is, as crazy as it sounds, incredible! It’s so tasty! You should definitely try it!
• Turkey jerky, what’s there to say than its a great, healthy snack that you don’t have to feel guilty about… Unless you’re vegan and then maybe not… Anyway. Super good. High in protein. Yum!



• Butter London ‘ladybird’ moisture matte lippy, this lipstick is the perfect shade. If you haven’t tried any butter london lippies, they’re good, but unfortunately their not as long wearing as MAC. But I still love this lippy.
• MAC ‘Cut a caper’ lipstick,
I found out that this is a limited edition lipstick, but the shade ‘flamingo’, is basically they same shade. But either one is a gorgeous soft pink/coral/peach. So pretty on the lips.
• Josie Maran ‘clear’, similar argan oil stick,
I use this to apply my blush, bronzer & highlighter with. And products adhere to it,  making my blush last all day and it also moisturizes my cheeks.
• Zoya ‘Angella’ iridescent nail polish
I like be this nailpolish! I reached for this shade 3 times this month! It’s a great shade to put on top of another shade. Or you can use it alone. It is iridescent, so it gives off other shades. I just really like it!
• BareMinerals ‘Chestnut’ blush
I started liking this blush again as a bronzer. I was loving BE soft focus warmth, but I wanted to try something new, and I had two containers of it, so I decided to give it a go, and I love it. It doesn’t appear brown on the skin, like it does in the pot. It’s really soft and gorgeous.
• Buxom ‘intoxicate’ blush,
Oh man, if you want a dupe for NARS’ orgasm, then this is it. Oh man its gorgeous on the skin! Y’all need to try it! It’s a pink/peach glimmer of a shade. Gorgeous I tell you!
• Skinn lip 6x balm in ‘boysenberry’
My mom gave this to me, and oh my gosh! Its phenomenal! I think its better than EOS lipbalm, which isn’t saying much, but oh man my lips feel so great in the morning after using this at night before bed! Love it!
• LaVanila deodorant,
What more can I say about this deodorant? It’s really good. It makes my underarms smelling fresh all day long! It’s pretty darn good!
• Stila lip glaze in ‘persimmon’, similar,
I have been on a kick lately of glossy lips. This is a very pretty shade of red, that is very creamy. It’s just so nice. I wear it every day almost.



• Photogrid,
My friend Jessica, told me about this app and my IG ootd’s have never been the same! Its perfection.
• Spreadsheet by Google
Yep, this an amazing app. If you’re a business owner, then this is a lifesaver for you! Its just what I need to fill bulk orders, and you can use it on your smartphone/ tablet and then save it and retrieve it on your desktop. So handy!



• Disney’s ‘I didn’t do it’,
This is such a clean show, which it should be. But it’s such a funny show too! I suggest you watch it sometime… Should I admit that I’ve seen all of ther episodes so far, yeah probably shouldn’t… Its just a great show!
• Fixer upper on HGTV,
Oh I love the Gaines family now. I heard about this through my sister Heather, she wants me to send some earrings to Joanna Gaines, but this show is amazing, there’s comedy & decorating, what more could you want? Oh yeah, and I loooove Joanna’s style!



• Claire Marshall, have you heard of her? She’s a makeup artist in LA, but she also makes YouTube videos about fashion, makeup & life. Her style intrigues me. Some of it… But this video is so well edited. I just can’t get enough!
• Gabby Bernstein is a self help guru, she’s so good and her videos with Glamour’s YouTube is so great! Check her out!

And last but not least,
• Proverbs 31:25
” She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”
I love the the last part of this Scripture. “That she laughs without fear of the future.” I don’t know about you, but that’s what I want for my life. I want to be able to laugh without fear of the future, because my faith & my trust is in God. YES! That’s what I want!

And there you have it, all my March faves! Thanks for reading! Love y’all! -Ryn
P.s. What are 3 favorites of yours?


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