Etsy Find Friday: Shop Fig + Flora

Ahh can I just say Hannah Zapf is a genius? This girl is amazing . I love her Etsy shop so so much. Her prints are frame worthy, people! She hails from Oklahoma, which isn’t too far away from Texas… Since I want to meet her. Like really!

She is a graphic designer, which you can definitely tell! And she’s definitely not lacking in the puns or quirky-ness. And let’s not skim over the scriptures, I love those!  Plus, she has a really cool vibe, just by conversing with her through the Etsy conversations I’ve had with her. She brightens your day! If you get the chance, go buy from her! Her prints are amazing. And her shop name is adorable: Shop Fig + Flora!

Here are a few of my favorite prints from Hannah’s shop:


Whatever | $8+


He restores my soul | $8+


Coffee before talkie | $8+


Push it real good | $8+


Cliche kitchen magnets | $8+


Unplug the drug | $8+


Live deep | $8+


Shake it off | $8+


You’re the cream to my coffee | $8+


Staying home | $8+


Scripture cards | $3


Fearfully & wonderfully made | $8+

I’ll stop there, ’cause honestly I could add all of her prints on here, so I’ll leave some mystery to her shop for you! Lol!

I think Hannah should make some tees, cause you know, I looooove T-shirts! And I’d love be to wear some of these prints or others! : ) Say, amazingly soft t-shirts would be great! Just saying!

Anyway, go and enjoy her shop! You will not be disappointed. These prints are seriously some of the best I’ve seen, and would be lovely to hang a wall or set around your house or to give as gifts.

Go give her some love! And tell her I sent you! Thanks for reading! -Ryn


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