Style Fyle: Shoe Collection Pt. 2

I was meaning to post this earlier today, when the niece was taking a nap, but I fell asleep too! Oops!

So here’s the part two of my ever growing shoe collection!



(From left to right)
• 14th & Union silver glittered loafers, I do love me some loafers. They are so easy to wear with skinny jeans, and add sophistication to an outfit. These glittered ones are super fun!
• Steve Madden leopard loafers, I love these shoes, I don’t wear these shoes nearly enough, but I love them! Oh and these are made of real calf hair!
• 14th & Union black suede shoes, are well loved. I put my initials on them as a diy. It was fun and I love the look!



(L to R)
• Madewell emerald green suede sidewalk skimmers. These were my first pair of Madewell shoes. And I like be them! They are so comfortable + well made.
• Madewell floral canvas sidewalk skimmers. I adore these floral flats. They are some that I wear on repeat. They are a bit snug, but I still love them.
• Madewell leather sidewalk skimmers.
I adore these shoes. They are showing wear on them, which totally stinks, but I’m still going to wear them. I’m wanting a few more pair of Madewell flats. I’m sold, I love ’em!
• Chinese Laundry faux suede d’orsay flats. I really like the style of D’orsay flats. They are so gorgeous.



(L to R)
• Preview black suede flats. These are super cute, and I added the white polka-dots for a DIY with acrylic paint and a pencil eraser.
•J.crew pink leather Cece ballet flats.
I really like these shoes. They’re so chic. And the color gives a nice pop to your outfit. I think these would look gorge with culottes and blouse.
• Leifsdotter suede ballet flats. I scored these from anthropologie for $10! I’ve only worn them like twice, but I’m planning to wear them more often!



(L to R)
• Bensimon grey canvas sneakers. These are great to just throw on. Bensimon is an English brand and super cute.
• White All-Star Converse high-tops. I haven’t utilized these babies enough! But I do have the peace of mind that I own them.
• Vans slip on sneakers. I just love Vans shoes! They are super cute and easy to wear. I scored these for 6 buckaroos! And they were in my April Favorites post.
• Nike high top wedge sneakers. Oh I love these. I just need to find more outfits to pair these with!
• All Star Converse. I love these. I like pairing them with much! They’re a good investment or good gifts to give.



• Puma Running shoes. These are the most comfortable workout shoes. And I’ve worn these out and about too.
• Diesel active sneakers. I don’t really wear these much, but I just love how bright they are! I can’t bear to get rid of them yet!



• American eagle leather thongs. I love these. They are showing that they are well loved, but I just love them. Great for summer for sure!
• Madewell Leather sandals. Yep, I love these. I bought them for such a low cost, I wish I had bought two!
• Mossimo ‘Birkenstock type’ Gold sandals. I really like these, but after two times of wearing them the plastic started separating from the gold part. Boo!



(L to R)
•Reef silver leather flip flops. Of course, they’re barely silver anymore, but I’ve got them worn in. Wahoo!
• Reef tan suede flip flops. These are so comfortable. I really like Reef sandals. They aren’t always lookers, but they are perfect for summer.
• Havaianas coral flip flop. They’re very cushy. Which I love in a flip flop. These are perfect for poolside or on the beach.
• FitFlop. Have y’all tried these yet? I’m not sure about how fit you actually get by walking in these, but I do know how comfortable they are. My pair is literally falling apart, but I do love wearing them when I’m creative or something, for the support on concrete or tile floors.

And there you have it! Those are all of my shoes so far! If I end up purchasing anymore, I will definitely show y’all! And of course you’ll see some of them in my Outfit of the week/day.

I do have a few tricks with shoes:
• when going through shoes, make sure you keep the shoes you plan to wear. If you know you’ll never wear them, why keep them?
• when buying new shoes, try to dispose of however many shoes you end up buying from you closet. So if you buy two new pair, get rid of two old pair. I said try, that’s the key word.
• Dispose of the worn out shoes in your closet. If they are literally falling apart, you might as well get rid of them, we don’t need to see holes in them to know they were well loved.
• With leather shoes, buy some clear or neutral shoe polish to revitalize & condition your leather. It will make your shoes look like new, even when having them for years + years.

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know in the comments, what your top 3 favorite shoes are from your collection! I’d love to hear from you! 😘
See y’all tomorrow for Etsy find Friday! -Ryn

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