Styled: EMIC Women’s shopping day


I spent my Saturday with the lovely ladies of EMIC*, for their annual shopping day out. I attended last year as their stylist for the day. And again, I did it this year as well. I sowed my time into these women. The ladies who plan this outing are amazing! They have everything planned out. They have coupons, deals for the ladies and goodies added to each goody bag. They even have little demos scheduled throughout the day with certain places, like charming charlie, white house black market, Chico’s, Victoria’s secret, etc. giving info on what they sell, trends, ways to style your wardrobe etc.


As I attended one of these Demos from white house black market, I found myself not agreeing with everything they were saying. And I totally wanted to but in, and give my own styling tips… But I held back. But I may have been doing so with the women around me. 🙄

Anyway, I had some issues from that demonstration.
First off, they were showing clothes on an older woman in her late 40’s, early 50’s. She had slim figure and rather large boobs. She wasn’t modest in the way that she was putting outfits together, which concerned me a bit, since I know the Pastor is such a big proponent of modesty. As I am as well. So that bugged me.
Secondly, every woman in that group was not the same size. And the clothes that she was showing were not for everybody. I know that you have to weed through what sales people tell you about fashion, and I know that they want to make a sale. But, you also have to consider the ladies in the group you’re speaking to. And not just assume that everyone in that group is going for the tight fitting clothing.
And thirdly, cropped denim jackets are a no go in my book. You wanna know why? Because they’ll eventually go out of style. They’ll never be a permanent style. (And they arent the most flattering, either) You’re best bet is to find a regular length denim jacket. The style is always in and it’s an American classic! You cannot go wrong with it.

So my advice to you is take demonstrations in with a grain of salt. You have to be comfortable in those clothes, for you to actually wear those clothes. And you have to weed through the information and make adjustments accordingly to your body type. Not just because you saw somebody display + put outfits together hoping you’ll buy from their store.


I’m not saying that it wasn’t sweet of them to put it all together. Because it totally was. But I just would have thought things through and styled differently.

But all that to say, I love being a stylist. I love being able to empower women. Give them the ouch or shove towards the confidence they need and deserve.  It’s fun, there’s an energy to it. It makes me want to do it more and often. Love love love it!

I was able to give this woman confidence to try this dress on and she did buy it! Woo!


• if you’re on the shorter side in feet, opt for a petite size, especially in dresses. Since you do not need the added length. Just ask if the store has petite sizes, and ask for your size. If they do not have your size in the color you want, try on the color that they do have and you can order from the store for the color you do want.

Oh and I wanted to show this too, I styled this lady last year, she wore a lot of black I remember and this year she looks so youthful & vibrant! Awe I’m so happy! (Grinning from ear to ear!)


(*Eagle mountain international church)
Thanks for reading! -Ryn


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