Style Fyle: Handbag collection

Just as I am with shoes, I am the same way with bags, purses, totes etc! I love my bags! And I love quality made bags too!

Funny story, I just gave away a Rebecca minkoff bag that I found at Nordstrom for $60! SIXTY DOLLARS!!! Brand spankin’ new! But my mom needed a gift for one of my friends’ birthday! I almost kept it though! Oh well, the Lord will totally provide another opportunity for me to receive a Rebecca Minkoff bag… Or two! 😉

You want to see them? ’cause I am prepared to show ya! ; )



• I received this one for my 16th birthday. Coach bags last a very long time! I use this from time to time. Coach’s are timeless as they are all-American. They are investment purses, but when they virtually last forever, you can break down the price everytime you wear it.

• I received this for I think Christmas 7years ago. Its from anthropologie. And its a saddle bag style. The flap is embroidered leather! I love this bag. Its perfect in the spring & summer!

• This bag came from Neiman Marcus Last Call. The brand is Hype. It’s a great quality bag. It’s wrinkled leather. It’s really cool/chic bag. I need to bring this out to rotation.

• I bought this bucket bag from a flea market vendor for $8. I love bucket bags for some reason. I love the look of them. This one is all leather and its basket woven. I had st really enjoy this bag. And that’s a trend for this year; bucket bags!



• I received this Louis Vuitton speedy 35 for my 25th birthday and I love it! It goes with absolutely everything! And it’s such a classic. Again, big investment!

• Coach black crossbody bag is handy when I don’t want to wear a bigger bag. Perfect for traveling. You can fit a lipstick or two, wallet, sunglasses. Just enough but not excessive.

• This is an Orla Kiely bag. I’ve used this for a bookbag and for a purse. It’s huge as a purse, but you can fit so much in it. Everything but the kitchen sink! It’s also laminated cotton and very durable, but not lacking in the cute arena!

• This also is an Orla Kiely tote that’s awesome. I wear it as a book bag mostly now, but I used to wear it as a purse. It’s lamimated cotton. And it’s super cute.

• Again, Orla Kiely. I’ve used this for a bookbag and for a purse. It’s huge as a purse, but you can fit so much in it. Everything but the kitchen sink! It’s also laminated cotton and very durable, but not lacking in the cute arena!

• My honary aunt bought this for me for a birthday. (Thanks Aunt Kellie!) This is also a great Tumi crossbody bag, it even comes with a serial number in case you lose it, you can call their 800 Number, and they can track it down. And it has so many pockets!


(L to R then R to L)

• My Rebecca Minkoff bag! I love this bag! It’s the Hudson moto bag in black with a white strap & gold findings. It’s my go-to everyday bag. It’s so chic too. I will gladly buy more Rebecca Minkoff bags from now on, since I know how amazing her bags are!

• I bought this all leather clutch at a thrift store for $4.00 I believe. And I love it. I like be the color. It’s pretty roomy which is sometimes rare for clutch bags.

• I’m pretty sure I loved crossbody bags at one time. Since the majority of the bags I’m showing, are in fact the crossbody style. This bag is from the brand HOBO and it is green. And I hardly wear this one, but I do still like it. It is all leather, so it has lasted.

• My Grandpa bought this for me for helping him so much at the time. And I love it. (I did help him pick it out, of course!) It’s from Nordstrom and it’s from Gwen Stephani’s LAMB collection. I love the highlighter yellow! I use this one, more than the coach cross body, but I love both!

And I thought I would share which bags I would like to add to my collection : )


1. The Transport zippered bag from Madewell | $188
I really like the regular transport tote, but I love the functionality of this one, with the zipper and shoulder strap! Plus, I love this color!
2. The Barrington Gifts Axis tote | $145 This bag is adorable! I love the look of the deer fur. It’s actually printed nylon, so no harm was done to any deer. Perfect for a carry on.
3. Rebecca Minkoff ‘Lexi’ bucket bag | $375
Aww, I saw this bag back in December! It’s gorgeous. I’d love to wear it & have it in my collection! It’s a cross between bone/blush pink/almond color. As I said, gorgeous!
4. And I Would like a ‘MAC daddy’ or ‘Hudson moto mini’ in a metallic color. Would love one or both!

And there you have it! That concludes this blog, thanks for reading, liking and commenting! See y’all Thursday, love y’all! – Ryn


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