DIY Friday: holey tee

Remember this monstrosity of a T-shirt I posted about 3 weeks ago? I told you how that sometimes you’ll get DIY ideas into your head, and the only thing to do is let it play out and actually do it. But the finished product may or may not turn out well. This shirt used to look like this, with fur neck around the collar!


(Minus the blue cropped sweater + long white shirt, different post altogether.)

You are going to make flops, but you can also take those flops, and flip them into something awesome. Here I took the shirt with fur around and turned into this:


A overly holey white vneck tee. I’ve wanted a shirt that looks like it’s been lived in for YEARS! Without living in it for years.
I’m thinking there will be more holes added and sandpaper brushed onto it soon.
Just know that once you’re done with a diy, doesn’t mean you have to quit, you can keep adding things until you’re happy!

Let’s see what you’ll need to gather:
• Scissors (preferably fabric scissors, 6″ & 2″. Mine are from Kai scissors.)
• tee shirt (mine came from the men’s department at Target, merona is the brand)

Sandpaper, ink, brewed tea or coffee, dye, bleach…whatever you want to “destroy” this shirt with.

1. Lay your shirt out. Try and figure out where you want your holes. And start piercing the tee. Big holes, little holes, holes right by each other.
2. Take those holes put your fingers through them and stretch.
3. Fold your shirt in half, and then by your eye, cut a rounded hem, you can include the already sewn in hem.


(Like so)
4. While your tee is still folded, cut your sleeves to the length you want. And then stretch the sleeves.
5. Cut the neckline, the hem, and whatever else you want.


6. Stretch your tee to excess, lengthwise & width.

7. Then enjoy a super soft holey tee customized by you! Boom!


And in all honesty, I think I’ll cut a deeper V…. I’m not loving this v.

But, pair this baby with flared jeans, flatforms and something fringe. : )

Thanks for reading! And remember if you’ve done an styledbyryn DIY, share a pic on Instagram using hashtag #SBRdiy and tag me, @Rynb : ) I’d love to see! Love y’all!

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