Styled: let’s talk about mini-me’s shall we?

This past week I was babysitting my niece, she’s 18 months and such a handful, she keeps me on my toes, she gets me, she’s loving, beautiful, entertaining, fashionable, joyful, talkative, etc. It was the last day I would have her in my possession and I thought I might aswell go big or go home!

When I was a kid, I always ALWAYS wanted to match my older sisters in what I wore and what they wore. (Baby of the family here) (They HATED it!)
And now, I had the opportunity to match my niece. It was awesome. I felt like a kid again. Although, I was determining what we wore. (Stylist here!)

Whether you’re like me, the funniest aunt ever or you’re a momma and you want to match you’re sweet babies, here’s how I did it!


What I wore: Gap sweater; similar | Good hyouman “thankful” muscle tee |old navy skinny boyfriend jeans | Mossimo Gold Birkenstocks | Jewelry: Le Cubicule ring, a ring from NYC, allthewire necklace | Altar’d State earrings; Similar.


Probably the worst angle ever but whatevs!


Be Brave Tee; similar | Carter denim jeggings | gold moccasins; similar | grey cardigan; similar (not pictured)

• for matching, you don’t need to match entirely, but similar. For Emmy, I rolled up her jeans to have look similar to mine. I added gold moccasins to her outfit to match my gold sandals, and she was wearing a grey cardigan, but it got a little too warm to have her wear it. Then I put her it a black graphic tee similar to mine.
This was spur of the moment, but I’m so thankful she had all of the elements to match! Haha!



“Happy girls are the prettiest girls.” -Audrey Hepburn

We sure had fun, we went to Southlake town square, Starbucks and Trader Joe’s… It wasn’t the zoo, but who cares when we were having fun!

Thanks for reading! -Ryn


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