Things in my noggin: work it girl!

Maybe you’re like me, building a business empire(s) or you’re finding a way back into the working niche of things. Or you are currently working, but want to own your own business,etc.
I’ve been in business for about 10 years, give or take a few years. When I first started, I was selling bottle cap necklaces to my friends and anyone who would buy them for $5 a piece. I want to say I started that trend, but who really knows. Then on, I went to do customized t-shirts with applique, beading, stencils and silk screening. Back then, I thought that owning a brick and mortar shop would be fun. I still want a studio, but more on that later.
But then I started thinking I wanted to start making jewelry. I wanted to do so, because I wanted to have the availability to sew for myself. And with sewing for “others” I was losing the fun factor in it all. I made this discovery after my hair stylist at the time wanted me to sell jewelry in his shop. I tried making jewelry from things I saw on Pinterest, but those triangle earrings made from paperclips & waxed linen were not my style. I tried though. Needless to say, I never sold jewelry at his shop.
Later, somehow (and I know it was the Lord) I began cutting leather, silkscreening, beading, adding grommets + studs, to this said leather and making gorgeous earrings. I begin to notice that I would only be happy with the stuff I produced, only if I would wear that jewelry myself. It had to have my style in it. For me to actually sell my jewels. Later on I decided I wanted to make necklaces & bracelets too.
And during the transition from clothing to jewelry, the Lord was also stirring in my heart to be a wardrobe stylist. I had never even thought about styling other people. It was such a farfetched idea, even for me, that I started arguing with God about it. Looking back, I’m not entirely sure why I did that, but I guess it was the change in atmosphere, that got to me. I even remember the day when he told me. It was at my church during worship. It was during the easter service, I remember because, my sister had brought her “friend/boyfriend” with her. He was only a year older than I was… Not the point. So, I was standing there, worshipping, and the Lord laid it on my heart to start styling others. I had no background, no knowledge really of how to do it. I’ve seen Rachel Zoe do it on her reality show on TV, but me, nah… But He sees the bigger picture right?
The only thing I had to do was trust Him.
He knew I was capable of such a task, He knew my favorite sport was shopping. He knew that for every birthday I would make my family wear what I wanted them to wear. He knew that He instilled in me a certain self worth, that when I was 13-14 yr. old, I refused to have peer pressure and to love myself instead. He knew how much I had a heart for women and people in general. And that my favorite hobby is people watching. He Knew all of that. I once heard Terri Savelle Foy say, “When looking back at your life, you’ll see yourself doing things that reflect of what you do now or want to do.” For me I loved shopping & being creative. I loved getting my hands dirty. It was a great way to learn! Two things I really love doing turned out to be my career. Has it been easy? Yes and no. Has it been successful? Yep. Has it been fulfilling? Yeah. Has it been worth it? YES! Has it made me want to cry? You bet! Has it been hard? Mhmm, but worth it. Have I learned lessons? Hahaha yes and I continue to do so.

Never lose sight of your dreams. I don’t care if they’re huge or very tiny. Those are your dreams to fulfill. You should do them.
I was thinking the other night, about getting a job. (Not throwing in the towel, but just gaining experience from working for someone else.) But I was thinking, I want a boss…. Orrr if I have a styling client who did that? who will gift me with awesome things just for the heck of it. Like surprise! Here’s that Madewell tote with a zipper that I know you wanted. Wouldn’t it be awesome, for out of the ordinary they just hand me things just because. And let me go with them to NYC 4 months out of the year…for styling purposes, all expense paid trips! I have dreams about my own business future, I’ve wanted to be the best boss ever. I want to bless my employees with things. I have very specific things I want with my businesses and any businesses I work for. I have written them down or about to. Put some thought into it. Get detailed with your dreams. Sure, it may seem bonkers, but God is VERY detail oriented. Get specific. Nothing is too big for Him. He can just have somebody just bless you with a Madewell tote. Because He LOVES you.

Anyway, there will be dreams about your business or businesses that you’ll have. Just be open to curveballs that the Lord may have you do. It will be well worth it!

Hope this helps a bit! See you tomorrow! -Ryn

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