Beauty Fyle: Fresh Face

Have you ever taken a nap in your makeup, and then woken up and your face looks flawless? I really love it when it happens that I sometimes wish I could make up my face the night before and have it look flawless the next morning… I know in all honesty, that really wouldn’t work. But, its just those rare occasions where I wish it would…

Last month I attended a sweet friends birthday party, and at the end of the night my wonderful friend Anna complemented on how beautiful my skin is. And then her husband & sister also complimented on it too. Way to make a girl feel good, have a bunch a people tell you that your skin is gorgeous! Hah!
I even shared my skincare routine (then later sent her a detailed text of what I do, since a 10 minute explanation, I knew I left out much of what I actually do!) & ways to use Nerium with her hubs! Hah! 

Though, I had a whole face of makeup on, something clicked in me about wearing a full face of makeup everyday, I didn’t have to. My skin looks better & feels better if I don’t do up my face everyday. Again, I don’t wear too drastic of anything and a strong advocate of neutral lids, but I was wearing foundation, concealer, powder, blush, highlighter, bronzer, eyeliner, eye shadow: both cream + powder, mascara, etc. Which was causing me to waste 45-1hr just on my face everyday! EVERYDAY! I’m 27, I have very few wrinkles if any, my skin is pretty flawless, blemishes have been known to be there from time to time, my skin is very clear, I have a peaches & cream complexion and I have naturally pink cheeks. Why not take my skin for spin? (So to speak)

I have gotten in a rut, of just complying and adding things onto my skin, that my skin doesn’t need. My beauty comes from the inside. Sure I love makeup like the rest of them and by doing so, tinted moisturizer has become a BFF. It’s springtime & summer, I should live it up, do something daring like… Not wear foundation! *Gasp!* I know, I know it sounds crazy, but totally, unbelievably worth it!
My skin hasn’t felt this good in years. I’ve been blessed with really great skin, I should own it and live up to it.

And I’m not telling you this, expecting you to do it. I’m just telling you my side of things. I’m not sure where your comfort level is. But I do recommend baby steps. Never quit cold turkey. Just one step at a time. P.s. even without foundation, I still love my bronzer & highlighter!

I’ve come up with a makeup routine that I like a whole lot better, it only takes about 15min. Give or take a few minutes!

Here’s what I ‘sometimes’ do:
Aubrey organics translucent base ‘porcelain beige’
Everyday Minerals concealer
BareMinerals blush in ‘chestnut’ as bronzer; discontinued, warmth is a great option too.
MAC mineralize skinfinish ‘soft & gentle’
NYX HD concealer
Tarte Gifted mascara

And then if I want more on my face I add:
Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer in nude
Buxom blush in intoxicate
e.l.f eyebrow kit in medium
From the tartelette pallette: wanderer, force of nature, super mom, caregiver, dreamer & free spirit.
And I mix and match eyeshadows & products. Sometimes I forget the translucent base and just wear my skin, mascara and lips of choice! Its whatever I decide!
Just by eliminating foundation and other needless things in the spring/summer means no oily spots on my
I’m loving this fresh new way of putting makeup on my face!


And since I’m such a lips gal, I still wear whatever shade of lipstick, lip gloss, lipbalm, etc that I feel like wearing that day!
Just recently I’ve been loving Tarte matte lipsurgence in Lucky with Buxom lip gloss in shade ‘bunny’… Ooooh, I just love it!

Can you tell me what tinted moisturizer is your favorite? & why?
I’m on the lookout for a new one!

See you tomorrow for Etsy Find Friday! Thanks for reading! -Ryn

Oh can I add this, look on Pinterest for inspiration, you never know what you’ll find!



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