Etsy Find Friday: Blame Eve

Happy Friday!
This week has been crazy for me! How about you?

I have a really, REALLY cool Etsy shop for you today! As a fellow jewelry lover + designer, let me say this, this girl’s jewelry is so stinking cool! I want so many of her pieces! I love her necklaces, her earrings are great, I mean come on! So so cool. I would wear her pieces all the time if I had any, and then I would tell everyone about her shop, because I know these are conversation & compliment starters!

This shop hails from Athens, Greece. So each piece you order comes directly from Greece! Pretty sweet deal, I might add!
Y’all need to check out BlameEve!

Here are a few pieces that strike my fancy…


Butterfly necklace |$56


Sleeping Grace |$40


Thales |$31


Naiad |$26


Cosmic Triangle |$48


Arrow Trap |$35

I feel like her jewels can be paired with so much in a wardrobe, but obviously you’re going to have play with these pieces once you get them! Her jewelry is beautiful and remind me so much of
dichroic glass. It is just gorgeous!

Until next time! Thanks for reading and share with your friends about my blog! Thanks y’all, Ryn
Instagram: @Rynb


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