Beauty Fyle: Man Buns

I know this is a rather weird subject to kick off the week with Styled By Ryn, but there’s no time like the present, right?!  Man Buns. You either love them or you hate them. They intrigue me. I’m not a total fan of them, since I’m not one to like long hair on guys, but this hairstyle, you don’t actually have to have super long hair to achieve it. But I don’t hate ’em! Some I say probably shouldn’t even try, but the majority I say try at least once.


I saw this pic of Bradley Cooper last week, and Bradley is already cute in my book, so this was like, as my niece would say, “oooooooeeeeeeh” and combined with what I would say “he looks REALLY cute!” And his hair isn’t super long.


I wouldn’t say this is a handsome dressy do, by any means. But the more casual type hairdo it is, one you pair with a tee & jeans. The rugged type I guess, think Jep Robertson from Duck Dynasty… Well sorta. I mean he is rugged. Guys only wish they were as cool as Jep!


But the messy, I just woke up and I’m late vibe, I think it’s a winner! And there is very little thought process that goes into a “Man Bun”. Again, I probably wouldn’t pair man buns with suits, at least not all the time… But I do like the look, I give it two thumbs up for sure! And for a change, It’s doable. And by all pictures that I’ve seen, clean shaven isn’t optional. I’ve only seen scruff & beards paired with the buns. I’m just warning you.

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