Style Fyle: closet must haves

I’ve wanted to post this for awhile, but never knowing exactly how to write it. But knowing I needed to. This is the list of what makes your closet. Where your closet cannot stand alone without these items.

Most of these items are monochromatic or in neutral coloring. But you don’t have to do that, if you want to rock a bright fuchsia midi skirt, rock it, be true to yourself, Be who you are, And be who you want to be! Just be mindful that what I’m about to show you are shapes that are universal. They can fit ALMOST anyone, and they flatter you! And they can mix & match with each other to make several outfits. Now, I don’t want you to think I’m being a hypocrite, since some of these items are not yet in my closet. I’m working on it!
(All clothes came from most of my favorite stores)


1. A white tee. This is a vital piece of cloth for your wardrobe. It’s such a staple, that I think you should have multiples of. And it is the piece of clothing that you will need to replace yearly or every other year, as it does wear out because of the color. Don’t be afraid to change up the style. Of course a v-neck or crew neck is a classic.

2. Black heels. What can I say, black heels are luxury. And mysterious and just a hint of sexy. When I think of a sleek I always pair it with black heels. Yes its great to own a nude pair. But black, you’ll need those, they literally go with everything!

3. Skinny jeans. These are so versital. You can dress it up or down. Wear them with holey or no holes. Get blackest to the black. They are so classy.

4. Denim jacket. Such an American classic. My advice to you is not to do the cropped thing. Get a regular fit. And 5% or less of elastic or spandex. You want this jacket to last for years. The more years, the softer & more loved this jacket becomes. You’ll love how versital it is.

5. Denim or Chambray shirt. I can’t stress to you enough on how important¬† this type shirt is. It goes so with those skinny jeans and skirts. You can wear this shirt over a maxi dress, with shorts, with a pencil skirt, see I’m telling you this is a must! I own four.

6. Black or Navy blazer. Classic. Its pure class. You cannot go wrong with a blazer. It flatters the heck out of your figure. It nips in where your natural waist, and it just looks fantastic. Make sure to buy one that fits. Do not buy it smaller hoping it will fit when you lose weight. Trust me.

7. Black Dress pants. Yes they look a lot like the skinny jeans, but they’re not. They have a purpose for dressier events, whether it be work or a dinner date. Totally workable with a dressy blouse.


8. Black tee. Yep this is almost as vital as the white tee. You can pair it with so much as well. Its handy to own.

9. Olive Green Military jacket. This is fantastic for those spring days. The not so hot, not so cool nights. Plus you’ll look chic while wearing it too. You also don’t want to buy this jacket too tight. But I love the one I own. It goes with more than you think.

10. Leather flats. I love pointed toe flats. They elongate your leg. They’re chic and they’re usually comfortable. But make sure you do not walk like a duck. Practice walking in them at home. Making sure that the points always stay in front of you, not to the sides.

11. A Cami(s). I wear a Cami under EVERYTHING! 1. I like to be modest, making sure my leopard bra doesn’t show my white tee. 2. In summer, it gives a saving grace layer to my clothes, so I can sweat on the cami. 3. I’m more comfortable with them on, opposed to not.

12. Pencil Skirt. Yep, this is a classic. And a staple. Its nice to pair it with a bunch of different things. Again, buy one that skims, not tight. No wrinkles across the front wear your hips are.

13. White Oxford shirt. Yes, just yes. This is also a very versital piece to your collection, you can wear it with anything. Boyfriend jeans & heels with red lips, well you just got yourself a luxe look!


14. Crewneck sweatshirt. It’s super comfy, not to mention you can wear it on the weekend or in a business casual setting. As long as it looks nice. And without pills. You’ll look great in it.

15. Sneakers. Yes, it’s a must have. I love these leather slip-on type ones. Super casual, but can be added to a dressier outfit.

16. Striped tee. If this wasn’t a staple, I would be very sad. My love for stripes is deep. You may think stripes widen you. I mean people have said that for years. I hate to tell you, they lied to you. The thicker the stripe the wider you look. The thinner of stripe, the smaller you look. Try it. You’ll like it.

17. A-line skirt. Why this skirt works is because it nips in at the waist, then shoots out, Leaving room around the hips. So if that’s your “problem”, then this skirt is for you. Even on those that don’t have any problems, this skirt shape with still look fantastic on you.

18. Maxi Dress. This is a must. The thing with a jersey maxi dress, is that you can cut it the the length you need. If its too long cut it. If you’re tired of the length, you cut it to a midi. Whatever you want. You can do it. Plus its flattering. And you can add that military jacket and a sandal. Perfection.

19. Graphic tee. This tee is great to pair with a blazer. It’s like a peanut butter & jelly combination. And you can add a skirt, skinnies, dress pants to the mix and it’ll still look good + effortless.

20. V-neck cardigan. This could be in any color. And paired with many many things. I’ve paired it with Maxi dresses, jeans & tee, dress pants & blouse. It’s the perfect layering piece.

21. Metallic. Metallic pieces in your wardrobe can look fantastic. So, buy some whether it be a purse, shoes, belt, watch band, etc. You won’t regret it.

(I forgot to mention ankle boots & leopard. Both are staples, at least in my wardrobe! Lol.)

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know that in the comments, if you have any of these staples already! Love y’all, Ryn


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