Styled: Missing the Big Apple

Yesterday, I decided to wear my  souvenir shirt I picked up from my last trip to NYC, with my boyfriend skinny jeans from Old Navy, and my hot pink Cece ballet flats from J.crew. I then added a half topknot bun on top of my head and bright lips & mascara. Yesterday’s weather was so so great & so unusual for Texas. But I love it! I can still wear long sleeves and not be miserable from the heat! Wahoo! 57 degrees, 57°!!!!



For a casual day to go to lunch, Target & babysit, I think this outfit was a win! No need to be super cute on off days like that!

Plus, I got to see friends and talk about color & style in from of Target! So much fun!

On another note, I want this piggy bank. So that I can save up for my next adventure to the big apple! I almost bought it yesterday, but I refrained from doing so, I was good, I just bought the notebook and an iced coffee I came for! But this is something I want for sure!


And there you have it, thanks for reading!
You do NOT want to miss tomorrow’s DIY! I just took the pics and they are so cute! Anyway Toodleloo! -Ryn


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