DIY Friday: Easy Artwork

Happy First day of MAY!!!!


I found these note cards at TJ Maxx, I might add, they have the best note cards evvvva! 16 cards for $4.99. And I instantly fell for them. With each of them saying: life is short buy the shoes, there is always lipstick, she believed she could so she did, and she needed a hero so she became one.


I knew I needed to do something with them, and writing in them never entered my mind! I knew I wanted to make artwork with them! I mean, come on, they scream artwork!



Here’s how to make ’em!

{What to gather}
Note cards | TJ Maxx
Brown Kraft paper | Hobby Lobby
Washi tape | Staples, it is Scotch brand; my favorite!
Picture Frames | The Dollar Tree
($9.75 is the cost to make this, this is including two rolls of washi tape, you won’t need that much at all!)


1. Take out the filler paper in the frames.
2. Lay out the brown paper.
3. Place the note cards to your liking.
4. Use the Washi tape to place the note cards to the kraft paper.
5. Place the kraft paper into the frame, add the back & viola!

When You are done, then you can add it to your most seen wall to encourage you! Until you want to change it up!

Oh happy day! These would even be great as gifts! Let’s all make these now! And tag me on your photos on IG: @RynB with #SBRDIY!
See ya next time! -Ryn


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