Monthly Faves: April

Whelp! it’s that time again, monthly favorites! Unfortunately, I don’t have too much to report that were favorites this month. But sometimes that just happens!

April was a chill but busy month if that makes sense… Not sure it does, but we’ll just roll with it!

First up!



•Starburst necklace from MC+co, this necklace I designed & I’ve been wearing it constantly! Love it so much!
•Staple earrings from le cubicule, these are fantastic. They’re so simple, that you forget your wearing them! Perfection.
•Allthewire skinny bar necklace, this necklace is wonderful. I want another one from them with another scripture on it, but this I’ve been wearing constantly. Great layering piece.



• Good hyouman Aguilar muscle tee “thankful”. I’ve posted about good hyouman before, but let me tell you I…LOVE THEM! Their customer service is phenomenal! Such a great company and the softest tees evvva!



• Buxom “bunny” lip gloss
I’ve been obsessed with gloss. And this has to be my fave right now. I love the minty tingly sensation you get when applying this gloss. And it’s not sticky, hallelujah!
• Tarte matte lipsugence in “lucky”. I wear this lippie under the gloss and it’s the perfect duo ever! It’s a bit drying on its own, so I love the gloss on top!
• Mally brown eyeliner, I like be this product on my bottom lid. It smokes out quite nicely. Makes for the perfect sultry eye look.
• Candy Yum Yum by MAC Cosmetics, this lipstick shade is BOLD, but I love it + I get tons of compliments when I wear it.



• Michael Castro cover of “chocolate” by 1975, this song is something else. I know it’s about drugs, but just as I like Proud Mary, I like this song, but only the cover from Michael Castro. 1975 band kinda creeps me out, not too sure why, I just don’t think I like them. My favorite part is when they sing in unison; gotta get it, gotta get it, gotta it, gotta get it, go! Music to my ears, hah! Quite literally!

• “Hey Brother” by Avicii | cover by Michael & Jason Castro. Again love this song. I like the “updated folk” sound to it! Great message too. And their voices really are amazing!
• Bethel “ever be”, I heard this, from when my dear friend Dara sang it at my church. Gorgeous song. Love it.
• Bethel “home”, Hunter Thompson’s voice is awesome, it soft, kinda raspy, and amazing. And I love singing to it.       “It will not, it will never be enough
Just to know about You Jesus and never call You my own
For my, my heart was made for God
I can’t live without You Jesus”   
• Avicii “the nights”, this song makes you want to accomplish all of your dreams the minute the song ends. I love it!



• Sriracha Sauce, I’m not usually a spicy gal, but I’ve been loving, LOVING Sriracha! It is spicy, but when paired with maple syrup, it gives off a nice sweet & spicy vibe that’s great with Brussels sprouts or asparagus. Mmm yum!
• Dark Chocolate bars from Trader Joe’s, these are pretty much the best! For $1.79 for a pack of 3. You get Belgium chocolate that melts in your mouth. Pretty grand y’all!
• BBQ sauce, I’m southern and I love BBQ sauce. It’s great on everything! I use it as a salad dressing. And anything else I can add it to, without being weird about it! 😉
Almond cookies from clay Travis wife (not pictured) but I like be her cookies. She uses almond meal as the flour and almond flavoring. They’re pretty much amazing!
Zevia Cola, I don’t during regular coke products, and Zevia is a healthier choice. Instead of artificial sweeteners that can harm you, zevia uses stevia & Erythritol. Super yummy!

Agent Alice
This game is addictive, at some point during childhood, I want to be a detective. Like Nancy Drew. Thus game let’s me play detective. Super fun. Its free but you can purchase extra if you want to.

Gabby Bernstein
This girl is amazing. I found her through glamour magazine YouTube channel. She is an author, motivational speaker & life coach. I don’t know if she’s a Christian, but she gives advice & steps that are awesome and lines up. Here are two of my favorite videos from her: HERE & HERE. (Sorry about profanity, but most of her advice is legit and has helped me!)


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