Style Fyle: Coral


Coral by rynb featuring VILA

H M short dress
$45 –

OTTE red top

Sweat shirt
$190 –

Red cape

7 For All Mankind jeans
$280 –

VILA shorts
$30 –

3 1 Phillip Lim bucket bag
$905 –


This past Sunday, I went with some ladies to a movie. As we were hanging around, two of the ladies started complimenting each other and how great they each looked. and how weird it was that coral looked good on each of them. Then I had to but in, had to! And tell them that coral is a universal color. It looks good on almost any skin coloring. And it looks really good paired with almost any color!

I asked Google this question: why do so many humans look good in the coral color? Which of course, Google didn’t know the answer to.
But they did give me that the coral, is derived from the coral in the sea, which is a one tone specimen, it has many tones & shades to it.
We’ll just say the pinkish/organgey color has a way with peoples skin tones. Unlike any other color, this color compliments your skin tone and brightens up ones face. And the awesome thing is that there is more than one shade.
Yes these are paint swatches, but they apply to clothing too. You have to see which coral color works for you. Overall, the color is universal, but you may not like a super bright coral, as opposed to a more muted coral color. As long as you stick to the coral family, you can never go wrong.

But if you are weary of the commitment to color, you can always do your norm of neutrals and add accessories of coral to your outfits. Think about shoes, bags, jewelry, scarves, lipstick… And anything closest to your face, will brighten your face & and add a youthful glow to it.

You got this, Ryn


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