Etsy Find Friday: Hello Homebody

Hey y’all, I’m kinda nervous to share this shop with y’all. Not because its not a great shop, it is an awesome shop, but because I love the designer. I’ve known her for, gosh like 8+ years! And we’ve been friends since. I love that we have a relationship where I can come to her for blog + Etsy advice, and vice versa. We have yet to get for coffee, but I’d love to! But honestly, Shae is full of integrity. I was reading her feedback comments and I was admiring & being inspired by her. She’s amazing! Proverbs 31 woman for sure!

Her shop is just as amazing as she is, with her poufs that can be used for an ottoman, decorative table, bedside table, anything you want really! They’re so versatile & chic.
Personally the gold polka dot burlap is my all time favorite, but all of the others are in a close running.
Shae has 2 sized poufs the small is $95 & the large is $125.

Her business hails from Roanoke TX. She also has a great blog too! With such yummy recipes & diys, among other posts too! I love reading her blog!





Adorable poufs to make your house feel like a home! Go see Hello Homebody’s shop! You’ll love it! I’ll see y’all on Monday! -Ryn

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