Beauty find: Bite me


You like the title? Lol, well please don’t bite me. I’m only kidding people! My niece is playing with the idea of entering into the biting stage, and I’m hoping she doesn’t! Please God, no! (Cue, Charlie bit my finger!)



I’m actually trying to tell ya about Bite beauty mini lip duo it tangerine & lingonberry. These two colors are gorgeous. GORGEOUS! I thought I bought it just for the tangerine color, but I put on the lingonberry, and And though I may have splotches of color on my lips after a few hours, this stuff LASTS between applications! I love these minis. You know why, because you get to try two instead of one for half the price you usually get buying only one lipstick. Woo! I have 3 of these minis, and I haven’t gone through any of them yet.
This lip duo though, is so summery & delightful. I love how bright it is. And best part, it feels like your wearing lip balm on your lips. That’s how amazing it feels. Have I sold you yet?



If you’re not familiar with BITE beauty, it is a food grade company. All of their products are made from berries and other fruit. And as most typical lipsticks contain gluten, bite does not. So if you’re ever stranded on a dessert island you can totally use this as food. Not the time to ask if you have lipstick on your teeth. ; )

And apologize if you can’t get your hands on this product, if you’re in a country that Sephora doesn’t send to. I really wish I could send you some, but I don’t think that’s possible….

All around awesome product to wear. The limited edition mini duos are $12. Go buy HERE. You won’t regret it.

This is not sponsored by bite, although that would be cool, these opinions are alllllll mine. I believe in this product 110%!

I’ll be wearing this product all summer long! Thanks for reading! -Ryn


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