DIY Friday: glittered prints


I don’t know what’s happening, but I have been loving decorating my spaces. I have heard that if you have a beautiful atmosphere, it will boost your happiness, and I truly believe that. Whether it be with candles, fresh flowers, art work or even knick knacks. Whatever makes you happy, bring it into your home. Surround yourself with beautiful things and be happy all the time.


And on that note, here is a super simple/easy/gorgeous/glittery/sparkly diy for your nest/home/house/living space!


You’ll need to gather:
• Pictures (the ones I used, came from a calendar. But you can print pictures off of Google.)
• Craft glue (craft glue)
• Glitter – fine to extra fine
• Toothpicks
• Q-tips
• Paper Plate
• Trashcan

• Frame or Clipboard


1. Lay your print out on a hard surface, such as table or art board.
2. Add a dollop of glue on a paper plate.
3. Dip your tool of choice, toothpick or q-tip into the glue.
4. And the pick a place on your print to outline in glitter. Apply the glue to that area. Try to have steady hand.
5. Sprinkle the glitter to the area you just applied to glue. Then dust off the glitter into the trashcan.
6. Let dry. Until glue dries.
7. Put in frame or as I love put on a clipboard. Its the perfect picture frame!


And enjoy! Hope you make these! And then if you do, please snap & share! Tag me: @RynB and #SBRdiy : )

Love y’all, Ryn


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