Trending: Fringe Benefits

Trending: Fringe Benefits

Long sleeveless shirt
$165 –

Fringe jacket
$2,325 –

Fringe coat

H m handbag
$31 –

Tribal jewelry

Unfortunately, I don’t own anything with fringe! I know its a total shocker. I would like to, but I’m rather picky too, so when I find something with fringe, I’ll let you know! But I do love this trend!
My advice to you is to NOT overdue it. You do not want to look like a wet mop when wearing fringe…or a dry mop for that matter.

You want to look chic & effortless. I would say, pair your fringe with minimalistic items in you closet, such as, tees, a fitted collared shirt, skinny jeans, etc. You can wear flares, but make it, chic. Again, don’t overdue it, you can make your outfit look straight from the ’70’s, when you want it is o look chic. Clean lines. Make the fringe your focal point.
I wouldn’t pair a dramatic piece, i.e. a heavily sequined/beaded top. Don’t make your clothes compete in an outfit. It can go wrong real fast!

And don’t pair more than 2 fringed items in your outfit. So don’t try pairing a fringed top with a fringed jacket & fringed shoes!

• But you can pair a fringed kimono with a tee and skinnies with a fringed bag.
• A fringed jacket, a white oxford shirt, flared jeans and fringed heels.
• A fringed sleeveless top, flared jeans, wedges & a fringed bag.

If your not into a lot of fringe, use doses of fringe, like jewelry or scarves. Small doses are good.

Hopefully, this helped you look smashing! 😘 -Ryn


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