Things in my noggin: ma’am, blueberries & raybans

Have you ever wanted ice cream so Badly that you realized you don’t have any in the house, so to suppress the longing for the cool, desirable stuff, you concoct an “ice cream” of sorts…
Yeah, I did that last night.
I added about a cup of blueberries, some heavy whipping cream, sweetener & vanilla extract. I whizzed it up in the vitamix and then put it in a bowl and added mini chocolate chips. Delectable and somewhat healthy too!

Another thing, I hate with a capital H, Hate misplacing things! I don’t like the feeling of not knowing where something is. It’s unnerving. On Sunday  I misplaced my Rayban sunglasses! I love those glasses. I walked into church with them attached to my shirt, and left not knowing where they are. 😦🙏 So, that’s not fun! I’m still searching + praying for them! And if you’ve never worn a pair of raybans, I strongly advise you to do so! They are the BEST!

I often complain about people who call me ma’am. So, I’m in my late 20’s… Do I really need to be called ma’am? Yes, I’d rather be called that than sweetie by a 19 year old cashier, that’s just demeaning. But I can’t put my finger on what I don’t like about being called ma’am. Maybe since it’s an term, or it seems like an old term. I say yes ma’am a lot. So it’s only natural and southern to say ma’am. I don’t know!

I’m going on about 4 days of unwashed hair. I’ve found that my hair performs the best when dirty. Of course I use dry shampoo and products to amplify my hair performance. And once it starts looking dirty or greasy, I wash it. I just have to. But what I find rather interesting is when dirty or humid the hair near my temples get extra curly. My hair is not curly my any means, but at the nape of my neck and sides of my temples get ringlet curly. So very strange. I love it though!

Anyway that’s only a portion of what I’ve thought today! Thanks for reading! I’ll see you Thursday! -Ryn

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