Celebrate: Wedding + Graduation gift giving

It’s wedding and/or graduation season in these parts… I’m always on the lookout for unique gifts, for friends, relatives, etc. As to celebrate their milestones in life whether it be getting married or graduating. These gifts range from $15-$350. Obviously, don’t buy something that’s $350 for somebody you don’t know very well. But go with whatever you’re comfortable with, budget wise.

But I’m the person who likes to go with unique gifts, not the run of the mill type gifts, like a pepper mill, just this year I have been gifting people with my favorite things. Like, what I like and use and wear, I like to gift others with. Since that’s something I would like, I gift it. It seems like a great plan! Anyway, I  have a pretty awesome list of some things you can get those peeps in your life, if I do say so myself….

Here are some ideas:

Dyson vacuum:


As it is rather an expensive gift, it is necessary to own. I would be over the moon ecstatic to receive this as a wedding present. The suction is amazing. You really don’t realize how dirty your house is until you clean with a dyson.

Soda Stream:


This works for the married couple or the grad. If you know they love soda/coke. This should be a consideration. You use filtered water and a co2 cartridge. And there are different flavors you can buy. Or if you know they’re a foodie, this is great because you can make your own flavor combinations such as lime & lavender, basil & mint. However you like your soda, this is a great option!

Kitchen aid:


Though this is kind of run of the mill, it is a great gift to add. I love the kitchen aid mixers. They’re so handy to have around. As you can make so much with it, such as pasta, baked goods, mashed potatoes, whipped cream, ice cream, etc. It’s rather important in a foodies life. Plus, I’m partial to the copper toned one. Hint: you can get at William Sonoma.

Leather Passport cover


So passport covers & luggage tags are the epitome of thoughtfulness. I mean, the icing on the cake if you get it monogrammed with their initials. You can get these from leatherology.

Cleaning products


You’re probably like whaaaat?! Yes you read that correctly. I found this brand Better Life at whole foods. I love them. They have such cute, quirky & clever names, that I think would be so cute compiled into a basket for that awesome just married couple. It’s useful & cute.

Anthropologie Latte bowls:


I love these bowls. They are so amazing. Every season they come out with different colors than previous. But they are so sturdy while being extremely eye catching and useful. I love buying 4 of these for friends. Perfect for a wedding gift or graduate gift.

Cooking classes + gift card:
I looooove this idea of getting that cute couple a cooking class certificate and also purchasing a gift card to a specific food store. Like as we have whole foods or central market, if you have a specialty, uppity, foodie store, this would be a great idea. Letting them learn how to cook with each other and then let them be able to purchase food. So sweet



Whether it be a fruit tree or succulents. This has got to be a great gift! Succulents more so than the fruit trees since, succulents take very little care. And they can stay indoors. But none the less either or would be great to any persons life



Body care:

I’m not a big proponent of Lush, but they have some amazing products that would be great for either married or graduate in your life. I mean, They all need to bathe! Get a bunch of bath fizzies, bombs & moisture bars and add them into a cute basket or dish and you’ve got a great gift!

I hope this has helped find some unique gifts for the graduate or just married couples in your life! See ya tomorrow! -Ryn


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